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Boomerang (block)


Boomerang Logo 2

Boomerang was first introduced on November 1, 1993 (six months after the original introduction of Cartoon Network) as a block on Cartoon Network for classic cartoons ranging all the way back to the early 1900's. Prior to early 2000, it didn't have a proper logo. Thus, like Nick at Nite, its logo was constantly different along with a different theme for the block. Sometime prior to the rise of the channel of the same name, it started using the following logo, especially during the pre-launch animation of the channel.

Boomerang (TV channel)





Boomerang 2006-2008 logo

In goal to get the network more rentable, in 2006, Boomerang was relaunched as an all-aged children's channel which graphic brand was so similar to the Indian TV channel Pogo.


200px-Boomerang LA logo


Boomerang Latin America logo


Boomerang 2015
Boomerang hd

HD Logo 2017-present (only used by TV operators for identification in Chile)

On September 28, 2014, Boomerang in Latin America rebranded using the 2014 logo, as part of Boomerang's ongoing global rebrand. On February 16, 2017, In the chilean cable operator VTR lanched Boomerang HD in signal 725.

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