2004–2005 (block)[]

Boomerang US

2005–2007 (block)[]

Boomerang Australia

2007–2012 (block)[]

Boomerang Europe

2013–2024 (primary)[]

Boomerang TM Logo 2012

Before 2024, Boomerang Thailand was the only Boomerang channel to still use this logo internationally. In August 2022, the channel was updated with a region-exclusive branding and packaging, however the logo largely remained intact. This logo is still used on some aspects on the YouTube channel.

2020–2024 (secondary), 2024–present (primary)[]

Boomerang 2015

This logo was used as a secondary until 2024. Operations for the channel were taken over by MVTV on September 1, 2023.

Boomerang began using this logo on March 15, 2024 with the EMEA branding from 2018.[1]