British Midland Airways Limited, trading as British Midland International (bmi), was a British airline based in Leicestershire, England. It was established in 1949 as Derby Aviation Limited. It was a member of the Star Alliance from 2000 until it ceased operations in 2012 after being absorbed by British Airways.



Derby Aviation commenced international flights in 1956 (its first being to Ostend in Belgium), adopting this simple logo in the process. By 1959, the company had established numerous holiday vacation packages to mainland Europe as well as a network of domestic flights within the UK, and so it changed its name to Derby Airways.



In 1964, Derby Airways purchased Manchester-based charter airline Mercury Airlines. Subsequently, in October of that year, it changed its name again, to British Midland Airways (BMA).

BMA's logo consisted of two sky-blue stripes with a white stripe in between, containing the letters 'BMA' in a Microgramma-like font, and white wings above and below the white stripe, thus forming an abstract aeroplane shape.


British midland 1985-96.gif

Further expansion resulted in BMA rebranding itself as simply British Midland in the autumn of 1985, and adopting a new logo of a stylised red 'BM' with a diamond atop the 'M'.

The original font for the British Midland name was Univers Bold Italic.


British Midland old.svg

A more modern font for the British Midland name was introduced in August 1996, when the airline unveiled an updated corporate identity to coincide with a fleet renewal program.


BMI British Midland.svg

British Midland joined the Star Alliance on 1 July 2000, and on 1 February 2001 it launched a completely new corporate identity, which involved the rebranding of the airline to bmi British Midland, all in lower case.

The new identity was created by Landor Associates, the American-based design consultancy that had previously created the identity used by British Airways from 1984-97.

According to Landor:

"The bmi brand is now based around the Brand Driver "speed with charm and style." That new philosophy is built on bmi's pride in its British heritage. Our touch can be seen in everything from the logo and livery of the aircraft to lounges, uniforms and throughout all brand expression."


BMI logo.svg

In early 2003, the airline dropped the 'British Midland' from its name and thus became simply bmi.


British Midland International 2010.png

In 2010, the airline announced that its would start using its full name, British Midland International, again, hoping that the words "British" and "International" would communicate confidence in markets where the brand is relatively unknown.[2]

A new logo was unveiled on 14 December 2010. The new identity was created with Strategic Fusion.

On 28 October 2012, British Midland International was sold to IAG, and all its aircraft transferred to the British Airways fleet. The bmi brand and BD flight code ceased to exist on that day.

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