2006–2007 2007–2021 2021–present
2006–2007 2007–2021 2021–present

Brussels Airlines is the flag carrier airline of Belgium and one of the four main members of the Lufthansa Group, as well as a Star Alliance member. Founded in November 2006, it was launched on 25 March 2007, and was the result of a merger between SN Brussels Airlines (the successor to Sabena, the bankrupt Belgian national airline) and Virgin Express.



BrusselsAirlines 2006-thirteen.svg

Initially, the "b" monogram was composed of 13 dots.


BrusselsAirlines 2006.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Aeonis Pro
Launched:  Unknown

In 2007, the airline decided to increase the number of dots in the "b" monogram. It decided against reducing the number of dots to 12, as it wanted to avoid the number's religious connotations (of the 12 apostles). As such, it decided on a design with 14 dots.


Brussels Airlines 2021.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Intelo (brand identity)
Launched:  18 November 2021

Brussels Airlines launched a new logo and aircraft livery on 18 November 2021. The new logo is supposed to emphasise its connections to Belgium with the word Brussels increased in size. However, the new logo and livery have been criticised because of their similarity to fellow Star Alliance member Croatia Airlines.[1]