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1984-2002 1989–1998 1998–2007 2003–present
1984-2002 1989–1998 1998–2007 2003–present

Buena Vista Home Video


Buena Vista Home Video (Color).svg

Buena Vista Home Video was established in 1984 by Walt Disney Home Video as a label for non-Disney content.


Buena Vista Home Video (Color).png

In 1989, the castle was added to the logo.

Buena Vista Home Entertainment


Buena Vista Home Entertainment (1990's).svg

In 1998, Buena Vista Home Video changed its name to Buena Vista Home Entertainment. The castle's color was changed to blue. Despite rebranding in 2003, this logo still appeared on the Pixar DVD and Blu-ray releases until 2007, that same year when it was rebranded as Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures.


Buena Vista Home Entertainment 2003.svg

In 2003, The castle was replaced with a ring that looks similar to the ring on the Disney DVD logo.


Today, Buena Vista Home Entertainment is both a sub-division of and the legal name for Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment, which includes the Disney, Marvel, Lucasfilm, 20th Century Studios, and Searchlight Pictures divisions.

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