Bunnings Warehouse is an Australian household hardware chain. The chain has been owned by Wesfarmers since 1994, and has stores in Australia and New Zealand. It was founded in Perth in 1887.



Bunnings gr history 1952

In 1952, this logo was introduced when Bunnings Limited became a public company.



This logo for the retail company was introduced in late 1991. The slogan was "Anything you need. Anytime at all." In late 1995, the 'Red Hammer' symbol was introduced and in June 1996, its trademark slogan "Lowest Prices Are Just The Beginning" was established. Both are still in use today but this logo is currently used at some remaining locations.

Bunnings Warehouse


Bunnings Warehouse

Following the acquisition of Bunnings by Wesfarmers, the company opened their first warehouse store in the Melbourne market in 1994. In doing so, the red rectangle with "warehouse" written in it was added underneath the 1991 Bunnings logo. In 1997, the remaining smaller-format McEwans stores were renamed "Bunnings".

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