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1953–1954 1954–1957 1957–1969 1969–1994 1994–1999
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1999–2005 2005–2012 2012–2020 2020–present

Insta-Burger King


Burger King's first restaurant opened in 1953 as Insta-Burger King in Jacksonville, Florida. The "Insta" name came from the broiling machines and milkshake machines used in the early restaurants. The Insta-Burger King name was short-lived, lasting for only one year.

Burger King


Burger King 54'.svg

After Insta-Burger King ran into financial difficulties in 1954, its two Miami-based franchisees David Edgerton and James McLamore purchased the company and renamed it Burger King.


Burger King 1966.png
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Burger King 1969.svg

Introduced on May 1, 1969, this logo is two yellow-bun halves sandwiching the text. This logo (and a later modification, seen below) remained in use on signage at many older locations until 2001, while many others retained the signs with the old logos until 2004/2005. This logo was briefly revived for a commercial during Super Bowl LIII in February 2019. In May of the same year, it was reused on cup drinks to promote the third season of Netflix's series Stranger Things (which takes place in the 80's).


Burger King logo (1994).svg

Introduced on May 1, 1994, this logo is a modified version of the 1969 logo with the text looking much less cartoony than in the original. Although this logo was retired in 1999, it is still used in some countries including Australia, where the Hungry Jack's restaurant chain uses a logo based on this design.



Burger King 1999.svg
Designer:  Sterling Brands
Typography:  Unknown

On July 1, 1999, Burger King unveiled a new logo designed by Sterling Brands. This logo is similar to the 1969 and 1994 logos before it, but with a blue C-shaped crescent around the logo. This logo is still used on signs at some locations.


Burger King 2005.svg


Burger King 2012.svg


Burger King 2020.svg
Designer:  Jones Knowles Ritchie
Typography:  Flame

On December 21, 2020, Burger King started rolling out a modified version of the 1969 and 1994 logos. Restaurants, commercials, uniforms, and the majority of Burger King's branding and products have been changed to feature this logo, with its website and mobile apps being updated to include it on January 7, 2021, along with a full overhaul of the website and app. There are currently plans to overhaul Burger King's restaurants, and having this logo be the face of the locations.

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