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C7 Sport, a pay-tv service owned by the Seven Network launched 19 September 1995 on channels 12 and 13 and was carried by Austar and Optus Vision pay-tv networks. In 1997, Sports Vision ran into financial difficulty and was bought out by Seven. Sports Australia was relaunched on 1 March 1999 as C7 Gold (or C7 Twelve) while Sports Australia 2 was renamed C7 Blue (or C7 Thirteen). In April a deal was signed that saw C7 Sport become available to most of regional Australia.


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During the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, two new channels "C7 Olympic" and "C7 Games" were set up to carry non-stop Olympic coverage during the games. Both were made available to Optus and Austar viewers. In late March 2002, Optus dropped the channel and replaced it with Fox Sports while Austar replaced it with Fox Footy Channel. With no carrier, the channel closed in May.