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1985–1991 1991–1997 1997–2002 2002–2005 2005–2007 2007–2016 2016–present

Children's BBC


Cbbc 1987 t1280 CH30a.jpg
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CBBC launched on 9 September 1985. The first logo used consisted of the word "Children's" above a sprawled version of the BBC text used on air. This logo was created using a BBC Microcomputer.


CBBC black.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Futura Bold
Launched:  Unknown

In 1991, Children's BBC introduced a new logo for the first time since their launch in 1985. This followed the corporate look of the BBC's channels, but the logo was introduced in September.


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CBBC 1997.svg
Designer:  Lambie-Nairn
Typography:  Gill Sans
Launched:  Unknown

On Saturday 4 October 1997, a new corporate logo was introduced across the BBC. This logo was first shown on BBC One. The name was also shortened from Children's BBC to CBBC.


CBBC logo 2002.svg
Designer:  Lambie-Nairn
Typography:  Melt LV1
Launched:  Unknown

On 11 February 2002, CBBC launched a channel version and introduced a new logo, consisting of a green bug with a C in purple. The logo was designed by Lambie-Nairn just like CBeebies and BBC Kids from Canada which resembles its logo.

The idents are similar to the CBeebies and BBC Kids idents from the same year.


CBBC logo 2005.svg
Designer:  Red Bee Media
The Hive
Typography:  Baby Mine Fat
Launched:  Unknown

A three-dimensional version of the 'bug' logo was introduced in October 2005. The package was created through a collaboration between Red Bee Media and The Hive.


CBBC logo.svg
Designer:  Red Bee Media
Bermuda Shorts
Fallon (trails)
Typography:  Mink Bold
Launched:  Unknown

A new look was introduced on 3rd of September, 2007. The new look was created by Red Bee Media, who made the brand identity accompanying the new logo and Fallon, who designed the trails used leading up to the new look's debut. [1][2][3] [4]

In 2010, CBBC updated their idents so that the logo appeared in 3D. New graphics were debuted in 2013. HD simulcasts for both CBBC & CBeebies launched on 10th of December, 2013.


Designer:  Red Bee Media
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  Unknown

This new look was created by Red Bee Media and took effect on Monday 14 March 2016. The new logo also came with a redesigned studio. This comes more than two months after BBC Three's rebrand (which shared the same bandwidth) and one month after its subsequent move to online-only. This allowed CBBC to extend its broadcast hours. While the BBC admits the new look doesn't overtly suggest the name, nor doesn't it have the traditional look of a children's TV channel, they state this new symbol is a “colourful and versatile identity that is box fresh and fit for purpose in a mercurial and constantly shifting media landscape”.