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1952–1958 1958–1974 1966–1974 1974–1992
1952–1958 1958–1974 1966–1974 1974–1992
1992–present 2001–2009 2009–2017 2017–present
1992–present 2001–2009 2009–2017 2017–present


CBC logo 1940–1958.png

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This logo was also used on Radio-Canada from 1940 to 1958.


CBC Logo 1958-1974.png

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This logo was also used by Télévision de Radio-Canada during the same time period that it was used by CBC Television.


CBC Logo 1966-1974.svg

This logo was used at the beginning of color programming aired on CBC Television. Their symbol was the CBC Butterfly, which was the CBC's answer to the NBC Peacock.



CBC 1974.svg
Designer:  Burton Kramer
Typography:  Helvetica Neue Roman
Launched:  December 1974

This logo debuted during the final month of 1974, and it is known as "The Gem", or often called "The Exploding Pizza". The multicolour version of this logo was used until December 31, 1985.


CBC Logo 1986-1992.svg
Designer:  Hubert Tison
Robert Innes
Typography:  Frutiger
Launched:  January 1, 1986

This single-colour version was used as a print version between 1974 and 1985. After that it was used as a main logo until 1992.


CBC Logo 1992-Present.svg
Designer:  Gottschalk + Ash
Typography:  Frutiger
Launched:  November 1992

In November 1992, a simpler version of the previous logos was adopted; the logo has 13 segments compared to 25 with the previous logo.


CBC Television.svg


CBC logo.svg


CBC Television 2017.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Gotham Bold
Launched:  2017

A new version of the logo, with the CBC name in a larger font placed to the right of the 1992 logo, was introduced in 2017.

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