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2002-2003 2003–2006 2006–2012 2012–present

Wizja Le Cinema


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Le Cinema


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Europa Europa


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Le Cinema changed its name to Europa Europa as a result of the channel's takeover by Zone Media from UPC Polska.

Zone Europa


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Europa Europa was renamed to Zone Europa as part of a major rebranding effort which saw most of the channels owned by Zone Media being rebranded under the "Zone" name. The rebrand was carried out by Kemistry in London.

In May 2009, Zone Europa was given new graphics, this time by Studio Sendal.

CBS Europa


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On August 1, 2012, Chellomedia announced that all Zone channels would be rebranded into CBS channels (including Club TV in Poland, where it was to be replaced by CBS Drama). On December 3, Zone Europa was replaced by CBS Europa.

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