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1948–1964 1964–2020, 2000–2021 (website) 2020–present
1948–1964 1964–2020, 2000–2021 (website) 2020–present
For the online TV network, see CBSN.

CBS News is a US television news source, bringing news across America and the world, since 1948


CBS News (1949).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Handel Gothic

1964–2020; 2000–2021 (website)

CBS News.svg
Designer:  Lou Dorfsman
Typography:  Didot

Even though the logo changed in 2020, this logo still appeared on the website until the end of March 2021.


CBS News 2020.svg
Designer:  Gretel
Typography:  TT Norms

In 2020, CBS News finally retired the classic Didot typeface that had been in use for more than 56 years.

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