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Telenoticias was established in 1994 from a partnership between Reuters (specifically its subsidiary in Latin America), Artear (parent company of Argentinean network El Trece), the Spanish network Antena 3 and the U.S. Spanish-language network Telemundo.[1][2][3]

CBS Telenoticias[]



CBS Inc. bought the channel in 1996 and decided to expand its signal to all of Latin America, including a Portuguese-language version for Brazil.[1][4][5] The channel joined the DirecTV Brasil line-up in October 1997, but was removed from the cable systems NET and Multicanal (at the time owned by Grupo Globo) after the Portuguese-language programming launch, because GloboNews would face competition.[1][6][7][8][9]


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In this year, the channel has partnered with the Brazilian network SBT.[10] During 1997 and 1999, Jornal do SBT was produced from CBS Telenoticias studios in Miami.[10] SBT also aired Telenoticias news programming, branded as "SINAL" (Sistema de Notícias da América Latina) in the late-night time slot.[10] Band and TV Cultura also closed a partnership with CBS Telenoticias, but only for journalistic content produced by them.[1][11][12][13] A similar agreement was reached with the U.S. network Telemundo. Noticiero Telemundo, like Jornal do SBT, was also produced by Telenoticias. The agreement with Telemundo began in 1996 and ended in 1999, when the Spanish-language network decided not to renew it.[14] In 2000, Telemundo acquired the channel.[1][15][16] In this way, the channel was closed and was replaced by Telemundo Internacional in March 2000.[1] Brazil was the only country where CBS Telenoticias had signal that did not receive Telemundo Internacional, because Telemundo had an agreement with Rede Globo to broadcast its telenovelas.[17]


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