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Beijing Television


BTV 1958

China Central Television (CCTV) was founded in 1958 as Beijing Television (BTV), with the logo written by Mao Zedong.



CCTV 1979

In 1978, BTV was divided into new BTV and CCTV.

This CCTV logo was designed by employee Zhang Desheng, and known as a "butterfly" or "atom". It is still used as an alternative logo of CCTV rarely.

The following were used on the opening of its flagship newscast Xinwen Lianbo between 1988 and 2001 and the font are used.

The font used in microphone flags in 1978-2001.

Other logos used in Wujian Xinwen.

1991–present (promo); 2001–present (On Screen Bug)

CCTV logo

CCTV unveiled a new logo in 1991, which combines English letters of "CCTV".


CCTV 2015

This logo has only been seen on CCTV-4 idents, CCTV-13 (a news channel), and CCTV's website.

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