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1958–1978 1978–2001 2001–present 2015–present
1958–1978 1978–2001 2001–present 2015–present

Beijing Television


BTV 1958.png

China Central Television (CCTV, 中央电视台) was founded on 1 May, 1958 as Beijing Television (北京电视台), with the logo rumoured to have been written/designed by then-leader Mao Zedong.



CCTV logo 1978.svg
Designer:  Zhang Desheng
Typography:  Unknown

On 1 May, 1978, Beijing Television was renamed China Central Television (CCTV, 中央电视台).

This logo was designed by employee Zhang Desheng, and known as a "butterfly" or "atom", & is still (rarely) used as an alternate logo.

The following were used on the opening of its flagship newscast Xinwen Lianbo between 1988 and 2001.

1998–2001 (promo); 2001–present (On Screen Bug/Secondary)

CCTV logo.svg

CCTV unveiled a new logo in 1998.


CCTV 2015.svg

Although it become the primary logo since 2015, it only can been seen on CCTV-4 (China-International channel) idents, CCTV-13 (news channel), some CCTV promo and CCTV's website.

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