(1994–2001: added SVG version to the logo)
(1994–2001: added SVG version of 1994 logo)
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== 1994–2001 ==
== 1994–2001 ==
[[File:BCTV 1990's Logo.svg|center|165px]]
== 2001–2006 ==
== 2001–2006 ==

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CHAN 1960


CHAN 1963


BCTV 1973

This was the first logo of CHAN as BCTV.


BCTV 1994
BCTV 1990's Logo


Global logo old

In 2000, Western International Communications, the owner of CHAN, was sold to CanWest Global, which owned the Global Television Network and CKVU. CanWest chose to affiliate CHAN with Global and sell less-powerful. CKVU. However, in order to honour contractual commitments related to the CTV affiliation, the switch to Global occurred on September 1, 2001, the day when the contract expired. On that day, CHAN retired the BCTV name and flower logo and became Global BC. CHAN's sister station CHEK also joined the CH network on that same day. CKVU went independent and was later sold to CHUM Limited.


Global BC

Global re-branded in 2006.

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