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1954–1961 1961–1990 1990–1997 1997–2001 2001–2005
1954–1961 1961–1990 1990–1997 1997–2001 2001–2005
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2005–2007 2007–2010 2009–2010 2010–present






CHCH 1990s.png


CHCH 1997.svg

By 1997, CHCH had increased its over-the-air reach outside the Hamilton area through several over-the-air repeater signals. The increased reach led the station to rebrand as OnTV (for "Ontario Television").



In 2000, Canwest Global Communications Corporation purchased the TV assets of Western International Communications, owner of CHCH and other stations in Canada. In February 2001, Canwest changed CHCH's branding from OnTV to CH, serving as the flagship of a new television system. CH's arcing logo was patterned after that of its sister network, Global.




CHCH 2007.png

In 2007, the CH system was rebranded E!, and its affiliates each adopted localized branding. With the move, CHCH saw its call sign become its branding. This logo served as CHCH's de facto station brand, as well as the branding for its newscasts.


CHCH News Movies.svg

After E! was dissolved in 2009, Canwest sold CHCH to Channel Zero, who altered the station's schedule to a hybrid of newscasts during the daytime and movies during prime time.


CHCH logo 2010.svg

On August 31, 2010, Channel Zero launched a new fall programming schedule for CHCH; the change included the adoption of a new logo patterned after the station's multicoloured 1961-1990 insignia.[1][2] Channel Zero had contacted agencies in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom which resulted in nine submissions. Ultimately they ended up using a look created by Channel Zero's in-house team.[3]

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