For the TV station in Edmonton, Canada that uses the CITV call letters, see CITV-DT.


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1998–2003 2003–2006 2006–2009 2009–2013 2013–present

Watch It!


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The channel began as a children's programming strand called 'Watch It!' in 1981.

Children's ITV


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Watch It! was highly regionalised and in an effort to create a coherent structure for the strand, a new look and format were introduced in January 1983, the new name being Children's ITV. Interstitial programming was pre-recorded and played out to the network by Central with the main programming being supplied and played out by all regional companies. Children's ITV went live in 1987 following the launch of its rival Children's BBC in 1985.


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This logo was introduced in April 1989 when Stonewall Productions (a company set up by a former Central employee) won the contract to provide interstitial programming for Children's ITV.


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ITV launched new corporate branding in September 1989. Although many regional companies chose not to adopt the look, Children's ITV did implement it alongside the previous logo.


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In April 1991, Central regained the contract and introduced a new logo. This was also used alongside the corporate logo until 1993.

CITV (first era)


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In 1996, the strand was renamed CITV with idents amended as appropriate.



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CiTV was re-launched in 1998 following a change of studio. The strand adopted the slightly different name of CiTV and re-introduced live in-vision continuity.


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In Autumn 2003, the logo was changed from 3D to 2D.

CITV (second era)


CITV logo.svg
Designer:  Red Bee Media
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  11 March 2006

On 11 March 2006, CiTV was re-launched as CITV and launched its own channel. At the same time, it got a new logo and a new look. It was created by Red Bee Media.

“The idents feature everyday scenes from a child's world that are then transformed by CITV to something far more fun and extraordinary; sausage and mash come to life as a Mexican mariachi band, and a tea set becomes a steam train chugging around a tray.”
Red Bee Media press release



A new look was introduced in 2009 following an increase in the channel budget.


CITV logo 2013.svg

As part of ITV plc rebranding on 14 January 2013, CITV received a new logo, with idents that children themselves have the chance to draw their own ideas for the logo and idents, which the in-house creative team at CITV animate into 'C-Creatures'.