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Cadbury's Fudge



The Fudge bar was originally released in 1948, it was originally called the Milk Fudge bar, but was later renamed.



Around 1998, as part of the "Cadbury Land" promotional campaign, the Fudge bar had its first makeover since the 1970s. This saw a switch to a new, all capital, font, plus a new darker blue colour and the inclusion of the gold "Cadbury Land" logo instead of the then standard "Cadbury's". 

Cadbury Fudge



Although the "Cadbury Land"  campaign ended in 2001, the name continued to be used on Fudge bars until around 2006. After this, it was switched to the standard Cadbury swirl. This logo saw a 3D effect, common on Cadbury bars at the time, be applied. 



As part of a revamp in 2009, Cadbury gave Fudge a more retro based look, inspired by the 1970's style logo. It featured a return to the lighter blue colour while keeping the darker blue as an outline. The Cadbury swirl was removed in 2015. 

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