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This article is about Globo's linear television channels division. For its TV Everywhere service, see Canais Globo (app).
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1991–2005 2006–2011 2011–2020 2020–present
1991–2005 2006–2011 2011–2020 2020–present

Globosat / Canais Globosat

1991–2011 (As Globosat - First Era)


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Globosat was created in 1991 as a pay television service via the Brasilsat II satellite on the C-band. The company offered four exclusive channels in its line-up: Globosat News Television (GNT), Multishow, Telecine and TopSport. After the success of these channels, theys began to be displayed in other pay TV operators, causing Globosat to offer the signing of its channels to become NETSAT.

2006–2011 (As Canais Globosat)


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2011–2020 (As Globosat - Second Era)

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Canais Globo

2020–present (As canais globo)

Canais Globo Logo 2020.svg

Since January 2020, Rede Globo', Globosat', Globo.com', Som Livre' and DGCorp' operations were all merged to form a single company just named Globo. Thus, both the free-to-air and pay-TV channels started to be operated under the new Canais Globo ("Globo Channels") division. Their official logo was revealed on September 15, 2020.

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