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LV 80 TV Canal 10 is a television station that broadcasts from the city of Córdoba. It began its broadcasts on May 11, 1962 as the second television channel in Córdoba. It is currently owned by the Radio and Television Services of the National University of Córdoba (SRT).

Canal 10 (first era)


800px-Canal 10 Córdoba (Logo 1962).png

The first logo consists of 8 sinuous bars (4 on the left and right) opening space for the number 10 in the center of it.

For static plates, there are 18 winding bars (9 on the left and right). In the center it shows the coat of arms of the National University of Córdoba, above the title "Canal 10" with the legend "LV 80 Canal 10 LW1 Radio Universidad SRT Servicios de Radio y Teledifusión de la Universidad Nacional de Córdoba" and below the SRT logo .

In the other version it shows the university shield, the word CANAL 10 with the legend TELEVISORA UNIVERSIDAD DE CÓRDOBA and underneath LV 80.


747px-Canal 10 Córdoba (Logo 1980).png

On May 1, 1980, the color broadcasts began as did the logo.

Canal 10 Córdoba (Placa color - 1).png

For the static color plate, the sinuous bars take on that tone. In the center it shows the university coat of arms, the "LV·80-TV" license, the title "Canal 10" and underneath "SERVICIOS DE RADIO Y TELEVISIÓN DE LA UNIVERSIDAD NACIONAL OF CÓRDOBA".

On the test cards, the colored bars are identical to the winding bars.


Canal 10 Córdoba (Logo 1981).png

The next logo is a 6-color rainbow (green, blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow). To the right of it, it bears the number 10 in white with the text "LV 80-TV Canal 10" underneath.



The sinuous bars logo is made up of 6 colors: green, blue, purple, red, orange and yellow. The number 10 is silver with a shiny reflection. It was present on advertising plates until 1991.

Televisión 10 / Televis10n


Televis10n (Logo 1989).png

The number 10 is silver with 3 RGB bars surrounding the number 0. The word TELEVIS and the letter N are golden to be called "TELEVIS10N" or "Televisión 10".


501px-Televis10n (Logo 1991).png

It is a white number 10 with 3 RGB bars surrounding 0 to the right, similar to the previous one eliminating TELEVIS and the N.



TV10 (Logo 1994).png

On May 1994, during the move to the new studios, the logo was the acronym tv10. In the hole of number 0 there is an RGB circle in the center.

Canal 10 (Second era)


Canal 10 Córdoba (Logo 2002).png

On December 19, 2001, A logo similar to that of 1962 but with some modifications: the 3 sinuous bars are light blue incorporating the text "CANAL10" in Futura, after recovering its original name.


Canal 10 Córdoba (Logo 2006).png

The same logo is enclosed in a blue and black rectangle with the text "CANAL 10" accompanying the 3 sinuous bars on the right.


Canal 10 Córdoba (Logo 2007).png

The logo is modified: The rectangle is rounded with turquoise and black in the background. The number 10 has a new typeface.


Canal 10 Córdoba (Logo 2008).png

The light blue rectangle with blue background is made short and the word "CANAL" is removed.


Canal 10 Córdoba (Logo 2009).png

On April 14, 2009, it is a blue rounded rectangle with a 3D gray border and the number 10 is white with yellow in the 0 hole. The word "CANAL" in blue appears on the left.


Canal 10 Córdoba (Logo Horizontal - 2009).png


Canal 10 Córdoba (Logo 2015).png

The logo itself takes on a slightly intense look.


Canal 10 Córdoba (Logo 2018).png

On June 1, 2018, it changes its corporate image similar to that of 1989. The blue number 10 is enclosed within the ring of the same color. carries the word "canal" to the left in lowercase.

For the HD version, the number 10 becomes that acronym.