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1964–1985 1985–1990 1990–1993 1993–1996 1996–2003
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2003–2006 2007–2010 2010–2013 2013–2020 2020-present

Canal 10 (callsign: YSTVE-TDT, previously known as TVES), is a Salvadoran public service broadcaster, founded by a presidential order and launched nationwide on November 4, 1964. Canal 10 is the only state-owned media channel in El Salvador, and competes for audiences with other private channels such as Telecorporación Salvadoreña and Red Salvadoreña de Medios.

Televisión Educativa de El Salvador


Televisión Educativa de El Salvador.svg

The channel started out as two television channels under the name of Televisión Educativa, adopting a blue satellite dish (with a grey three-legged stand at the bottom) with the letters T, V & E (the channel's initials) as its logo. The text "DE EL SALVADOR" can be seen underneath the initials, presumably to avoid confusion with the Spanish television network of the same name. This logo was used for 19 years.

Televisión Nacional


Televisión Nacional SV (1985-90).svg

In 1985, the channel changed its name to Televisión Nacional (TVN). This logo consists with the N diagonally superimposed in blue, & the white "TV" letters in lowercase & merged together in a manner similar to that of Chile's Canal 13. In front of a rounded rectangle consisting of twelve coloured bars (equally divided in red, blue and green).

Televisión Cultural Educativa de El Salvador


TVCE 10 1990.svg

When Channel 8 ceased broadcasting in 1990 (until it was bought by Asociación Ágape de El Salvador years later), only Channel 10 remained as part of the former two-channel network, and was renamed to Televisión Cultural Educativa de El Salvador (TVCE). The logo consists of a three-tiered trapezoidal pyramid, with four white letters. From 1991 to 2006, Channel 10 was in the hands of the Consejo Nacional para la Cultura y el Arte.


TVCE 10 1993.svg

In 1993, the logo was changed to a bicolour (yellow & blue) rectangle, with a shape similar to the Tazumal pyramid to the right. The channel's initials (in white letters) can be seen at the bottom, with the number 10 at the top in red letters.

Canal 10 (first era)


Canal 10 SV 1996.svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Americana (Regular)
Launched:  July 1996

The channel took the name of Canal 10. Although the logo remained rectangular, it had a big number ten with shadow which is on the background gradient between brown and yellow, including the word "CANAL" in black that was above the rectangle.


YSTVE-TV 10 (2003).svg

In 2003, a new logo was introduced with a red rounded number ten with a blue rounded segment in the number zero, and the word CANAL on the number zero placed the right side. Also, consisting of a green background with dark & lime green bars as well as its palette colors for idents. The channel also adopted a new slogan, "Tu Alternativa, con cultura".


YSTVE 10 (2007).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Microgram
Launched:  Unknown

In 2007, the channel changed its logo, which consisted of text in the Microgram font, and putting the number 10 as a rounded quadrilateral with the number zero connected with the number one. A new slogan was adopted as well - "Televisión Educativa y Cultural" - which was used for two years. By 2009, the slogan was changed to "Televisión Nacional de El Salvador", 15 years after its last use.

Televisión Nacional de El Salvador


YSTVE Canal 10 (2011).svg

In 2011, it became like just the number ten with the cut out in the upper right on the number zero. The channel also used the country shape of El Salvador with a blue acronym "TVES" as an alternative logo, although the channel continued using the alternative name "Televisión Nacional de El Salvador".

Televisión de El Salvador


TVES Canal 10 2013.svg

The word "Nacional" was removed with, changing its name to Televisión de El Salvador (TVES) as a hybrid name with Canal 10. The logo consisted of the letters "tves", half-coloured in lime-green & sky-blue.

Canal 10 (second era)


YSTVE-TDT (Canal 10).svg

On the inauguration of President Nayib Bukele on June 1, 2019, a new logo was unveiled, consisting of the national coat of arms, surrounded by fourteen stars. It officially debuted on September 30, 2020 with the return of the "Canal 10" name after nine years.