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1964–1985 1985–1990 1990–1993 1993–1996 1996–2003
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2003–2006 2007–2010 2010–2013 2013–2019 2019-present

Canal 10 (callsign YSTVE-TDT), previously known as Televisión de El Salvador (TVES), is a Salvadoran public service broadcaster channel, founded by Presidential order and launched nationwide in November 4, 1964 to dedicate the Educational and Public Television. Canal 10 is the only state-owned media channel in El Salvador, and competes for audiences with other private broadcasting groups such as Telecorporación Salvadoreña and Red Salvadoreña de Medios.

Televisión Educativa de El Salvador


TVES 8 10 1964.png

It began with the two television channels under the name of Televisión Educativa (TVE), passing with a blue satellite dish, with three letters T. V. E., meaning of its name. The letters were shown diagonally, with a phrase "DE EL SALVADOR" so as not to be confused with Televisión Española. So far, this logo made the long run that used for 19 years, including his two state network channels 8 and 10, each of which put over the antenna with a rounded quadrilateral by its respective channel.

Televisión Nacional


Televisión Nacional SV (1985-90).svg

By 1985, the channel changed its name and logo to "TVN", with a quadrilateral rounded by twelve bars marked with red, blue and green (each color has four bars). The blue "N" italicized and thick on its diagonal. Finally the letters "TV" made it similar to the "tetera" of Canal 13 from Chile. This is the only logo under the name of "Televisión Nacional de El Salvador" of the 1980s.

Televisión Cultural Educativa de El Salvador


TVCE 10 1990.svg

When Channel 8 stopped broadcasting for ten years before Asociación Ágape de El Salvador bought it, Channel 10 became the only channel what it is today, and renamed "Televisión Cultural Educativa de El Salvador" (TVCE). It consists of a trapezoid made of a three-tiered turquoise pyramid, making a cultural logo with four white letters that T, V and C are connected, and the letter E is separate. From 1991 to 2006, Channel 10 was in the hands of the National Council for Culture and Art (CONCULTURA).


TVCE 10 1993.svg

In 1993, the logo changed to the first rectangular logo that has a renewal of the cultural logo. The pyramid consists of four levels similar to the Tazumal pyramid in blue, with a yellow background. Its initials put at the bottom of the logo. And the number 10 they put as a thin stick as the number one, and the circle as the number zero.

Canal 10 (first era)


Canal 10 SV 1996.svg

The channel took the name of Canal 10. Although the logo remained rectangular, it had a giant number ten with shadow which is on the background gradient between brown and yellow, including the word "CANAL" in black that was above the rectangle.


Canal 10 SV 2003.png

For 2003, the background introduced with green bars as well as its palette colors. The number 10 became round and red, with the blue circle being the hole of the number zero. Its slogan, "Tu Alternativa, con cultura" becomes two, the first was under a blue line, and the second within a blue line with white text.


YSTVE 10 (2007).svg

In 2007, the logo happened to be with the text, it was used the font "Microgram", and putting the number 10 passing a rounded quadrilateral as the number zero connected with the number one. Its slogan was "Televisión Educativa y Cultural" which was for two years. By 2009, Canal 10 put the alternative name "Televisión Nacional de El Salvador" that returned after more than 15 years.

Televisión Nacional de El Salvador


YSTVE Canal 10 (2011).svg

In 2011, it became like just the number ten using the stick with the quadrilateral cut out in the upper right. The channel also used the figure of El Salvador with a blue acronym "TVES" as an alternative logo, although the channel continued using the alternative name "Televisión Nacional de El Salvador.

Televisión de El Salvador


TVES Canal 10 2013.svg

The word "Nacional" was removed with its name changed to Televisión de El Salvador (TVES) as a hybrid name with Canal 10. It put "TVES" in two of each color. The green letters T and V were connected as much as the blue E and S. The full name put below its initials.

Canal 10 (second era)


YSTVE-TDT (Canal 10).svg

Already starting the government of Nayib Bukele, the word "Canal" returns but with an initial letter, together with the number ten. The insignia of the Government of El Salvador has been a national coat of arms with fourteen stars around the symbol. In 2020, the channel officially changed the name back to Canal 10 after nine years.

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