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LU 92 TV Canal 10 is an Argentine free-to-air television channel affiliated with El Trece that transmits from the city of General Roca. The channel can be seen in the Alto Valle del Río Negro and in much of the Province of Río Negro through repeaters. It began its broadcasts on March 20, 1982 as Channel 11 and since 1984 as Canal 10.

It is operated by the Government of the Province of Río Negro through the public company Radio Televisión Río Negro.

Canal 11

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On March 20, 1982 it began its broadcasts as LU 92 TV Canal 11.

Canal 10 (first era)


Canal 10 General Roca (Logo 1985).png

On March 7, 1985, Canal 11 changed to its current frequency LU 92 TV Canal 10. It is a number 10 with a blue outline, inside it has 2 red and green rings to form the number 0. On the left it has the acronym TV.


Canal 10 General Roca (Logo 1990).png

Inside a blue rectangle appears a very large white number 10 in italics, it has the word canal in lowercase letters in blue and at the top left the acronym TV in italics in orange.



AireValle General Roca (Logo 1999).png

The UTE assumed the operations of the channel on March 10, 1999. represents a blue sphere, in front are 3 sinuous and transparent horizontal lines of light blue color and more in front, the abbreviation AV (A is connected to V). Below it says the text AireValle in ITC Garamond Bold Italic in green color.

Canal Diez Alto Valle


Canal Diez General Roca (Logo 2005).png

On May 2, 2005, represents a circle made up of 3 rings of purple, yellow and orange colors with a red circle in the center. Underneath it says "CANAL DIEZ" and "ALTO VALLE" below.

Canal Diez


Canal Trece (Logo 2004).png

In 2008, like the Buenos Aires version, a new logo is released, a twelve-pointed sun with a central hole in the shape of a circle, with the colors red, orange, yellow and violet (clockwise); the union of the colors is oblique with respect to the central hole. It is a bit thinner and brighter. Under it said CANAL DIEZ.

Canal 10 (second era)


Canal 10 General Roca (Logo 2009).png

On March 10, 2009, the management contract made between the Government of Río Negro and Artear ended and Canal 10 once again became managed by the province. It is a number 10 only, 1 is light blue and 0 is orange. Underneath it says "RÍO NEGRO".

Canal 10 General Roca (Logo 2009 - 2).png

El Diez


El Diez General Roca (Logo 2011).png

It is a white circle that has a light blue outline and inside is the number 10 also light blue. In the ID, immediately replace 10 with the Río Negro map. Underneath it says "el diez".

Logo with wordmark

Televisión Rionegrina


Televisión Rionegrina (Logo 2014).png

On April, 2014, there are about 5 circles forming a flower, the colors in order are: black, light blue, white, yellow and green in front. Underneath it says "TELEVISIÓN RIONEGRINA".

Logo with wordmark

Canal 10 (third era)


Canal 10 General Roca (Logo 2016).png

Like the previous one, it changes becoming more modern and the colors change order: gray, light blue, white, yellow and green. Underneath it says CANAL10 (The words CANAL in gray and 10 in green) and "TELEVISIÓN RIONEGRINA" below.


Logo with slogan

Christmas (2016)


Canal 10 General Roca (Logo 2020).png

The same logo appears inside the white circle surrounded by 3 pieces of light blue, pink and white with a diagonal white line. On the right it says CANAL10 (CANAL in white and 10 in green).

Canal 10 General Roca (Logo 2020 - Horizontal).png

40th anniversary (2022)