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1978-1979 1979-1999 1999-2008 2008-2018 2018-present

LT 88 TV Canal 11, known as Lapacho Canal 11 is a television station that transmits from the city of Formosa. It began broadcasting on April 1, 1978. It is currently owned by the Government of the Province of Formosa and operated by Red Formoseña de Medios.

Canal 11[]


800px-Canal 11 Formosa (Logo 1978)

The channel's first logo was a large 11. Above it was LT 88 TV in a smaller typeface and below CANAL in a somewhat larger font. Below the number, it read FORMOSA and again below it, ARGENTINA. All this enclosed in a drawing of palm trees and typical plants of the province.



Color is added to the same logo: 11 and the words in black, the green plants and in the background a light blue is seen interpreting the water of the rivers.

Canal 11 Lapacho[]


643px-Lapacho Canal 11 (Logo 2001)

The logo changes completely with the new denomination of the station. It is a purple square with its green left end that said LAPACHO vertically. The square is cut by an inverted cone with 9 yellow four-pointed stars forming a circle in the center. Underneath, although inside the logo, it said CANAL 11.


613px-Lapacho Canal 11 (Logo 2008)

It is a rounded square and the perimeters are silver with light variations. The interior is light blue with darker ranges at the ends. A green line runs through it horizontally. From the upper part a white inverted cone is born that inside it has 9 interlaced yellow four-pointed stars, forming a network. It was the longest lasting logo for 10 years.

For the Christmas version, he usually adds a small crib in front of the logo.

Lapacho Canal 11 (Logo Vertical - 2008)


663px-Lapacho Canal 11 (Logo 2018)

On April 1, 2018 (to celebrate 40 years of the channel) it changes again: it is a blue inverted cone split in half and curved like two cyclones, the logo is intertwined with a ring with 9 yellow stars.

Lapacho Canal 11 (Logo Horizontal - 2018)

Horizontal logo