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1984–1989 1989–1991 1991–1997 1997–2003 2003–2009 2009–2018 2018-present
1984–1989 1989–1991 1991–1997 1997–2003 2003–2009 2009–2018 2018-present

Canal 12 is the sixth-oldest television channel in El Salvador; founded on December 15, 1984 by Jorge Emilio Zedán, it has been owned by Red Salvadoreña de Medios since 2016.

Canal 12 (first era)


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (1984).svg

The first version of its number 12 logo. It often featured an stylised T, symbolizing its ownership with Telesistema S.A. (until 1991).


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (1989).svg

The 12 changed of appearance and texture, while the T was replaced by 12 light blue stripes below.


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (1991).svg

The final version of its numeral 12. Commonly featured in CGI and with its slogan "Un Gran Canal".

TV Doce


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (1997).svg
Designer:  Javier García Rivera
Typography:  Times New Roman
Launched:  Unknown

During the period when the channel was owned by TV Azteca, the logo consisted of a green 1 and 2 in red and blue and a yellow dot, with "TV DOCE" in Times New Roman at the bottom.

Canal 12 (second era)


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (2003).svg

This would be the first logo used when the station was owned by AS Media.


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (2009).svg

It was a black disc surrounded by two thinnest crescents (white and blue) forming a disc as a reference to the flag of El Salvador, the white number "12" inside the disc, and the channel's slogan "Enciende tu tele" (until 2013, when its slogan was changed to "El 12 va con vos", which is still used today). In 2015, the channel was purchased by Albavisión. When RSM was founded in 2016, the channel joined with its sister channel TUTV in order to merge their company with Radio Sonora, ending the AS Media era.


Canal 12 2018.png

In July 2018, a new logo was adopted; similar to the previous logo, with the black disc becoming bigger as the slightly-separated number "2, the thinnest crescents were replaced to the blue tri-dimensional ribbon surrounding the disc, and the slogan is still using without the name of the channel on the text. This logo is the first used when the station was - and is - under Albavisión ownership.