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1984-1989 1989-1991 1991-1997 1997-2003 2003-2009 2009-2018 2018-present
1984-1989 1989-1991 1991-1997 1997-2003 2003-2009 2009-2018 2018-present

Canal 12 is the sixth-oldest television channel of El Salvador, founded on December 15, 1984 by Jorge Emilio Zedán. The channel is owned by Red Salvadoreña de Medios since 2016.

Canal 12 (first era)


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (1984).svg

The first logo was a number 12 in golden color similar to the Uruguayan channel Teledoce released ten years earlier. At the time it was owned by Telesistema, S.A. until 1997.


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (1989).svg

The second logo was similar to the previous logo, the number 12 was separated with the same golden texture; Behind the number, it had twelve blue bars symbolizing as the channel numbering.


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (1991).svg

The third logo was similar to the previous logos, using its different font as much as the same texture. Below the number 12, the slogan "Un Gran Canal" was in Helvetica Bold font.

TV Doce


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (1997).svg

At the TV Azteca era, the logo consisted of a green 1 and a 2 in red and blue and a yellow dot, and below put "TV DOCE" in Times New Roman typography, hinting the familiar logo.

Canal 12 (second era)


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (2003).svg

The logo was a semicircle of water color, and the wordmark "Canal 12" was on black text through the symbol. This was the first under the direction of AS Media.


YSWX-TV Canal 12 (2009).svg

It was a black disc surrounded by two thinnest crescents (white and blue) forming a disc as a reference to the flag of El Salvador, the white number "12" inside of the disc, and the slogan phrase of Channel 12 "Enciende tu tele", then in 2013 its slogan was changed into "El 12 va con vos" that still used today. When Red Salvadoreña de Medios founded in 2016, the channel joined with its sister channel "TUTV", to conglomerate their broadcasting company with "Radio Sonora", finalizing the AS Media era.


Canal 12 2018.png

In July 2018, the logo became modernized. It became similar to the previous logo, the black disc became bigger as the slightly-separated number "12", the thinnest crescents were replaced to the blue tri-dimensional ribbon surrounding the disc, and the slogan is still using without the name of the channel on the text. This is the first change under the direction of Albavisión.

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