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LS 85 TV Canal 13, also known as Canal 13, nicknamed since 2008 as El Trece and stylized since 2016 as eltrece, is an Argentine television channel, owned by Arte Radiotelevisivo Argentino S.A., also known as Artear, in turn owned by Grupo Clarín.

Río de la Plata Televisión


800px-Río de la Plata TV (Logo 1960)
Canal 13 was officially launched on October 1, 1960 as Río de la Plata Televisión and the first logo was a black-edged white television screen with a thick black circle, inside this, there is a square with the image of the Río de la Plata and within it, the name of that moment at the bottom and top.

Canal 13


800px-Canal 13 (Logo 1963)
Then in 1963, the channel passed to its final name of "Canal 13" and its logo for that moment was a wheel (similar to the Canal 7 logo) with the code name of the channel at that time.


Canal 13 1965
Then a text with the name of the channel was adopted, occasionally using the Telepibe, the channel's mascot at that time.



Canal 13 (Logo 1967)
In 1967 a logo that would've been used for the next 23 years was introduced.

It was a stylised number 13 and a word "Canal" inside of it. Since the televisions were black and white at the time, the logo was predominantely black and white.


Canal 13 Argentina 1978
Prior to the arrival of color on television, the logo adopted a diamond effect.


Canal 13 1980
With the arrival of color, the logo was modified, adding nine color copies of the 1967 logo.


Canal 13 1985
Then in 1984, a gold-plated silver logo was adopted, in order to commemorate their silver wedding (25th anniversary in 1985).


Canal 13 1986
In 1986, the logo became red and lost its 3D-ish look for 2 years.


Canal 13 1988
Then, in the second half of 1988, the logo turned entirely golden.


Canal 13 Artear
With the arrival of Artear at the control of 13, the logo has a modified golden appearance.


Canal 13 1991
In late 1990, the logo was modified, giving a silver effect.


In March 1992, the logo has been completely redesigned. Now it was simply a stylised number 13 formed by 4 round ellipses.



Canal 13 1994
On April 4, 1994, Canal 13 adopted its very recognizable logo.

This logo consists of a twelve-pointed sun divided into four parts of purple, red, light orange and yellow and with the shape of a mill, on the right, the number 13 with a new typeface.

This logo was designed by Chermayeff & Geismar.



Starting in the middle of 2000, the "13" was definitively dropped, leaving only the sun logo.


Canal 13 2004
In 2004, the phonetic form of the name of the channel under the sun of 1994 was added.



Canal 13 2008
On December 1, 2008, the mythical logo of the sun was completely modified, with a modified 3D effect (similar to a lifeguard float) and with the appearance of the cuts becomes cross-shaped, the sun's hollow becomes a little smaller and with the most vivid colors, below, the channel nickname in gray Interstate Normal typeface.

The color palette is the same as in 1994.

The logo was made by Chermayeff & Geismar (designers of the original 1994 logo) and an in-house Artear team.


Canal 13 2016
In March 2016, the logo is modified slightly, removing the space between "el" and "trece" forming a nickname stylization.

Like the previous logo, it was created by Chermayeff & Geismar in conjunction with an Artear team.

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