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Canal 13 (commonly shortened as el 13) is a Chilean free-to-air television channel, the second oldest of the country, first broadcasting in channel 2 until 1961, when it moved to the channel 13. It was created and fully owned by Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC) until 2010, when Grupo Luksic (through Inversiones TV Medios Ltda.) acquired 67% of the property, and then in 2017 bought the remaining from UC.

Canal 2 de la Universidad Católica de Chile


During its first years, the channel didn't have a proper logo. It was just referred as Canal 2 instead, and adopted a logo two years later when it moved to the channel 13.

Canal 13 de la Universidad Católica de Chile


Canal 13 Chile (1961-1970) color

The first official logo of the station consisted of a large-shaped 13 with "TV" under the number, each one inside blue rectangles (the color was present in ads and stationery,[1] since it broadcasted in black and white at the time). Since then, the name Canal 13 became a common nickname for the channel.


Canal 13 logo 1970

Universidad Católica de Chile Televisión


Canal 13 Chile (1968-1978)

Since 1970,[2] the logo has a thin curve with a T that reaches the V and the center a 13 in a typeface similar to the Gothic Handel. People nick this logo as "La Tetera" (the teapot) because of the shape that this one takes.



In 1972, the 13 is replaced officially by the letters UC, in reference to Universidad Católica de Chile. This logo was used for 25 years until it was discontinued in 1999.

Canal 13


Canal 13 1999

Under the new management of Rodrigo Jordán a new logo was launched in June 18, 1999 and the commercial name of the network was change to Canal 13. We would see a blue circle with the number 13 and a sphere with the initials UC. Sometimes it would be accompanied by the word CANAL.



The previous logo got its elements (specifically the number 13 and the initials UC) switching places in 2000.

Although the channel was still referred as Canal 13, administration problems led to the usage of different names for intros and outros:

  • Corporación de Televisión de la Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, Canal 13: The full name of the channel, main name used in 2000.
  • Canal 13 de la Universidad Católica de Chile: a slightly abridged version of the full name, introduced in 2002.
  • Universidad Católica de Chile Televisión, Canal 13: a mixture between the old name and the newest introduced officially on 1999.

Although in October 2002 was introduced a tweaked version, this logo was continued on use for other purposes, relegated to be a secondary logo.



A revised design of the previous logo, with thicker lines, was introduced in October 2002, commonly nicknamed as el logo virtual (the virtual logo). Moreover, the name Canal 13 was put back in use for every purpose.

The previous logo was used in tandem with this one, however.


Canal 13 2005

On June 11, 2005 and within Teletrece the logo is changed to an orange one. Made by argentinian studio Steinbranding, its composed of the initials of the Catholic University (UC), and inside the C, 13 is incorporated, both in Gill Sans MT typefaces and above it, a white stele. From this logo onward, orange was installed as the official corporate color of the network.

This logo was used until January 10, 2010.


C132010 1

On January 10, 2010, the corporate change of the channel and its associated media was made, consisting of a circle cut by a rounded and thick arch, where the number 13 in Myriad Pro typography is highlighted, while below Acronym UC in AvantGarde Bold typography in smaller letters. This logo was designed by Chilean agency Dittborn & Unzueta, and it was used until October 31, 2010.


C132010 2

After the purchase of 67% of the shares of the channel to Andrónico Luksic (Today 100%), the acronym UC was scrapped in November 1, 2010. [3] [4]



In use since March 23, 2018. This is the new logo and the first ever after the UC's era. The main elements of the previous logo (the 13, now in a different type, and the arc) now are orange, and the circle is absent. This logo was designed by Chilean agency Feels.[5]

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