1964-1978 1978-1980 1980-1994 1994-1999 1999-2008 2008-present
1964-1978 1978-1980 1980-1994 1994-1999 1999-2008 2008-present

LV 86 TV Canal 13 is an open television network that transmits from Río Cuarto, in the south of the Province of Córdoba. It began broadcasting on August 15, 1964 and is currently owned by Imperio TV S.A ..

Canal 2


1024px-Canal 2 Río Cuarto (Logo 1964).png

On August 15, 1964, Canal 2 was born. It was a closed-circuit signal until 1978.

Canal 13


800px-Canal 13 Río Cuarto (Logo 1978).png

In 1978, Canal 2 becomes LV 86 TV Canal 13 currently as an open signal.


800px-Canal 13 Río Cuarto (Logo 1980).png


800px-Canal 13 Río Cuarto (Logo 1990).png

In 1990, the logo was made up of three red, green and blue diamonds holding together.

Horizontal logo

... or sometimes the word "Canal 13 Televisión Abierta" is on the right.


Canal 13 Río Cuarto (Logo 2002).png

In 1999, the word "Canal" has a new Myriad typeface while the number "13" was present with the previous typeface. Beneath it is a wide, rainbow-colored rectangle that reads "televisión abierta."


... or sometimes the logo of the three RGB diamonds become gradients and in 3D that were maintained until 2008.


800px-Canal 13 Río Cuarto (Logo 2008).png

Since 2008, a new logo consisting of a three-thirds circle in the colors of the three diamonds bears the number "13" in the center.


Horizontal logo

Vertical logo

... or sometimes they have the words "CANAL" and underneath "TELEVISIÓN ABIERTA · RÍO CUARTO" to the left (which was maintained until 2009) or below (which is maintained from 2009 to the present).


Canal 13 Río Cuarto (Logo Vertical - 2010).png

In 2010, the logo was made gradient.

Logo without the wordmark


Canal 13 Río Cuarto (Logo Vertical - 2014).png

In 2014, the logo becomes a bit darker, like Canal 29 HD and Telediario Televisión.

Logo without the wordmark

HD version