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LV 90 TV Canal 13, also known as San Luis + and pronounced San Luis Más is an open television channel that began broadcasting on December 24, 1972. It currently belongs to the Government of the Province of San Luis.

Canal 2[]

Logopedia InfoWhite LOGO MISSING

Later in the 70s, Canal 2 existed as a closed circuit television channel.

Canal 13 (first era)[]


800px-Canal 13 San Luis (Logo 1972)

Later on December 24, 1972, Canal 2 changed frequencies and began broadcasting as LV 90 TV Canal 13. The first logo is a number 13 of different typeface and in parallel 3D.


767px-Canal 13 San Luis (Logo 1980)

It is a rounded rectangle with 10 vertical stripes and the colors green, orange and light blue in various shades. It also has the number 13 inside and below the text "L.V. 90 T.V. CANAL 13 SAN LUIS".


701px-Canal 13 San Luis (Logo 1990)

The numbers 1 and 3 are put together in the form of a television screen. On the left is the word CANAL in Cooper Black typeface.


545px-Canal 13 San Luis (Logo 1994)

It is just a 13 parallel 3D target.

El 13 Teve[]


600px-El 13 Teve (Logo 1997)

It is a red circle surrounded by a blue and green ring with 13 in the center, written in a white outline and without a background.

San Luis Teve[]


San Luis Teve (Logo 2001)

On February 2001, the channel changed its name to San Luis Teve. They are two red triangles that come together (as if they were mountains) and a yellow arc (that represents a sun). The yellow arc in the first triangle turns blue and the second green. Below is the SanLuisTEVE text (SanLuis in black and TEVE in blue, both in Frutiger font).


785px-San Luis Teve (Logo 2003)

On May 2003, it is a blue inclined rounded screen with a green circle in the center, top and bottom have 2 thick lines and red curves. Additionally, the words San Luis (top) and TeVe (bottom) appear in Eras Bold ITC.

San Luis Sat[]


600px-San Luis SAT (Logo 2008)

In 2008, during the Via Satellite broadcasts, San Luis Teve changed its name to San Luis Sat. It's a white circle with the word SAT and black and red outlines. On the left is the word SAN LUIS.

January–September 2009[]

San Luis SAT (Logo 2009)

The same logo but the word SAT is italic and the word SAN LUIS is removed on the left. Around the logo revolves the text SAN LUIS SAT TELEVISIÓN PARA TODOS.

September–December 2009[]

San Luis SAT (Logo 2009 - 2)

The same variant is renewed and the black ring of the logo changes to blue.

Canal 13 (second era)[]


723px-Canal 13 San Luis (Logo 2010)

The logo represents a brown stone in 3D with the white 13 returning its original name until today.


Canal 13 San Luis (Logo 2012)

On April 3, 2012 its logo changed and it was replaced by a thick ring made up of 4 colors: lime green, dark blue, brown and yellow. Below is the text "CANAL 13" but it also replaces the text with the slogan "Es nuestro" (used on screen until 2014).

Canal Trece[]


609px-Canal Trece San Luis (Logo 2016)

On August 22, 2016, the ring evolves slightly thin and the 4 colors change order: blue, red, green and yellow. On the right is the word "canaltrece" (canal in white and trece in light blue) in Arista 2.0 font, while the slogan was Bien Nuestro.

San Luis +[]


San Luis + (Logo 2023)

On December 10, 2023, it changes its name to San Luis + (pronounced San Luis Más).

San Luis + (Logo 2023 - 2)

The next day, the same logo was stylized to be called SL+ with the 3 color variants.


San Luis + (Logo 2024)

During March 2024, the logo has a light blue outline around the rounded rectangle.