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Canal 1, formerly known as HJTV-2, HJRN-TV, Televisora Nacional de Colombia, Canal Nacional, Primera Cadena, Primera Cadena Color, Cadena 1, Cadena Uno and Canal Uno is a Colombian television channel of varied programming founded on June 13, 1954 (Public channel) and August 14, 2017 (Private channel) and is owned by Plural Comunicaciones S.A.S., and the Gobierno de Colombia.



pre-Inravisión era

Canal uno 54.png
Radio nacional tv.png

The channel's logo represents the Colombian coat of arms.

Televisora Nacional de Colombia


Televisora nacional.png

The text on the logotype was changed to a sans-serif font.

Inravisión Canal Nacional (1963-1972); Inravisión Primera Cadena (1972-1979)


Inravisión de Colombia (1963).svg

In 1963, the "Coat of Arms" logo was changed. Back then, the channel shared its logo with its parent company, Inravisión.

Inravisión Primera Cadena Color


Inravisión 1 (1979).svg

Due to the rise of color television in Colombia, the color representing the channel was blue.


Inravisión 1 (1982).svg

Inravisión Cadena 1


Inravisión 1 (1984).svg
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  ITC Bauhaus
Launched:  January 1, 1984

In 1984, Inravisión changed its logo, with its channels adopting the same one, albeit with the company's name being changed to the channel's name (in this case, Cadena 1).


Inravisión 1 (1987).svg

In 1987, all of Inravisión's channels adopted a new logo consisting of a shape behind the channel number. In the case for Cadena 1, it was a blue triangle behind a yellow number.


Inravisión Cadena 1 (1990).svg

The channel's logo was again changed to the Inravisión logo, albeit flat and with lines and circle purple, with the number 1 to the right of it (in a blue-purple) gradient.

Inravisión Cadena Uno


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In 1992 due to the new programming of the semipublic channels, Cadena 1 became known as Cadena Uno (with the number as a word instead of a digit). The logo included an adaptable slogan, having different text depending on the context: below, are Uno tiene emociones, Uno tiene su corazoncito, Uno está en la jugada, Uno es noticia, Uno tiene opinión, Uno quiere a los niños, Uno es divertido and Uno es una nota, and a base slogan being Uno no se cambia por nada. The logo and name were unveilled in december 1991.


Uno tiene opinion.jpg


Canal Uno 1995.png
Designer:  Visión Digital (RTI Producciones)
Typography:  Unknown
Launched:  June, 1994
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In 1994, during the 40th anniversary of Colombian television, the logo was changed again. The Uno became capitalized and in a Sans-serif font. Borders would also appear in red, yellow and blue. A orange ball occupies the hole in the "O". Just like with the previous logo, the slogan could be adapted to have different variants depending on the context, with the base one being Lo mejor es de Uno. The adaptable slogans are: Las emociones son de Uno, Las telenovelas son de Uno, El deporte es de Uno, Las noticias son de Uno, La opinión es de Uno, Los niños son de Uno, El humor es de Uno and La música es de Uno.

Canal Uno


Canal 1 (Colombia 1998).svg

On New Year's Day 1998, Cadena Uno became known as Canal Uno with a new logo design and new graphics. The sans-serif letters were completely changed to a circle with a 1 cut of it. The 1 had a line to the right of it. Below, it had the text Canal Uno. Sometimes, the cut parts would have a white background, while other times it was completely transparent.


Canal UNO 2002 Temporal.png


Canal Uno 2003.png

The number 1 is now over a red circle, with another circle making orbit. Above, the text "Canal" in curved shape. In 2011, the orbit was removed and the text Canal is placed to the left without distortions.


Canal UNO Logo 2013.jpg


Canal 1 Colombia.png

The number 1 returned to be an orange word (in small letters), although the digit is still highlighted in blue. Below, and also in blue, is the word CANAL.

Canal 1


Plural era

Designer:  MullenLowe SSP3
Typography:  Neo Sans (modified)
Launched:  August 14, 2017

In 2017, a new logo was introduced as part of the channel's new direction to become yet another alternative to the private channels. The new logo was a rounded triangle pointing to the top-left. The 1 was cut in the bottom-right side. The triangle had various colors, which were (clockwise, from the bottom): yellow, orange, red and purple.