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1993–1998 1998–2008 2008–present
1993–1998 1998–2008 2008–present

Canal 21 is the seventh-oldest television channel of El Salvador, founded on March 1, 1993 by Óscar Antonio Safie. The channel is owned by Grupo Megavisión with two sister channels.


Megavisión Canal 21 1993.png

The channel was inspired to the Chilean Megavisión using three diagonal stripes of red, green and blue in the rounded rectangle as a television screen. The word Canal was on the left to three color bars. and the number 21 was on the blue stripe. Sometimes, a number was yellow with a shadow but no "Canal" word.


YSXO-TV21 (1998).svg

By 1998 for one decade, the logo was presented using a broken circle, simulating a painting with three colors, as the number 21.


YSXO Canal 21 (2008).svg

In 2008, Canal 21 launched a new logo retiring the three colors from the two previous logos, and leaving with a blue number 21, a thin light blue crescent with a red circle placed on it.