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Canal 4 SV 1958 Canal 4 - El Salvador (1966) Canal 4 1995-1
1958-1963 1966-1969 1969-present

Canal 4 (El Salvador) is the second Salvadoran channel owned by Telecorporación Salvadoreña since 1985. The channel was founded on December 4, 1958 and began broadcasting one month later as a YSU signal operated by Canal Cuatro S.A. de C.V.

YSU-TV (Canal 4)


Canal 4 SV 1958

Canal 4 debuted with a mailman who checks the primitive television. The TV screen showed as a hybrid name: The big letters were "TV" and the words "Canal 4" (Channel 4) below. Outside of the television, the logo showed the callsign on the top left position.

Canal 4



Canal 4 - El Salvador (1966)

As of 1966, the logo showed as a red logo shape with the number four inside of the eye. The logo was introduced as TV screen shape.


YSU-TV Canal 4 (1969)

Canal 4's now famous current logo was introduced in July 1969 with a red square background and similar to the previous logo, based on the CBS logo it's symbolized as a vision of TV spectator.

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