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Xhgc1952 Xhgc canal 5 logo 70s by ncontreras207-d9abdo7 Imagen45 5 2 Imagen46 5 3 XHGC 1973 XHGC-TV5 Retro
1952–1964 1964–1970 1970–1971 1971–1973 1973–1980 1980–1986
XHGCTV 1986 XHGC-1988 XHGC Más Xhgc1991 Imagen53 5 10 Xhgc canal 5 logo 1993 by ncontreras207-d7mecbg
1986–1988 1988–1989 1989–1990 1990–1991 1991–1993 1993–1994
Xhgc canal 5 logo 1995 by ncontreras207-d7meoru Xhgc canal 5 logo 1996 by ncontreras207-d7meoux Xhgc canal 5 logo 1997 by ncontreras207-d7mf7x0 Canal 5 Xhgc2003 Logotipo actual del canal 5 (mexico)
1994–1996 1996–1997 1997–1999 1999–2002 2002–2007 2007–2013
XHGC 2013 XHGC Aug2013 Canal 5 XHGC-TV 2014 logo Canal 5 Mexico logo 2014 Canal 5 2016
2013 2013–2014 2014 2014–2016 2016–present

XHGC Canal 5 (stylized known as 5*) is a Mexican television network operated and owned by Televisa. The channel was founded by Guillermo Gonzalez Camarena on 10 May 1952, and began broadcasting on 18 of August across the country. Its callsign derived from the founder's initial surnames. In the Digital TV signals, all stations of Mexico has been assigned as Channel 5, except XETV.

XHGC-TV (Canal 5)



The channel's first logo was a callsign as Song Vendor font, and the word "Canal 5" was a Gillies Gothic font.


Xhgc canal 5 logo 70s by ncontreras207-d9abdo7

The logo was designed by Gonzalez Camarena, describing as a red circle with the aztec design. Inspired by 5 peso bill, its design is looking like a studio building, and two lower circles connecting with the upper circle. All white shapes are shared in half with blue, except the two trapeziums.


For ten years, the logo was described as number 5 with the typography as the identification logo on Poster font by Extratype (with a Didot typeface).


Imagen45 5 2

First, it was inside the circle with its callsign of the foot of the number, and the word "CANAL" was on the head of 5.


Imagen46 5 3

Then it changes with circles forming the sea inside the number.


XHGC 1973

Later, the logo left the number simple as a solid texture.


When Televisa was founded on 8 of January 1973, The logo was located inside the sun of the owner's logo as its sister channels did.


XHGC-TV5 Retro

The "groovy 5" logo used by XHGC from 1980 to 1989 was introduced by ABC affiliate KSTP-TV (a television station licensed to Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota) in 1969 (when it was still affiliated with NBC). The silhouette of the "5" is similar to the current logo of Canal 5 TVC Honduras . While XHGC stopped using the logo in 1989, KSTP-TV stopped using it in 1991.


Imagen51 5 8

Adopt the name of "La Huella". The logo is a golden lion's footprint, as it was symbolized by its official pet, a purple cat called "GC" for children's programming. From that year, the channel was identified by its acronym until 1991.



On June 6, 1988, adopted the motto "Energía Visual", adopting an aesthetic that allowed to change the Logo in each promotional. The design of Colors and of different forms invaded the channel.





In 1990 it adopted the slogan "La Señal", identifying the channel with the acronym "XHGC" with the colors yellow, green, blue and red.


Imagen53 5 10

On November 4, 1991, the channel adopted the following as a logo: a simple 5 silver color, placed in the center of an orange circle, within it were five interwoven orange metallic circles that turned in the shape of an atom. This logo was as official but some promotional and curtains continued using it until 1995. It initially adopts the slogan "En tus cinco sentidos", although it also dealt with "En tu mismo canal", which was the most durable in the channel until 1997.


XHGC Canal 5 logo 1993

The logo was adopted on January 7, 1993 had the following characteristics: The Logo is circular with the number "5" in silver with a background that changed color constantly surrounded by a golden circle. In addition, that the self-promotional addressed various topics as in a commercial. The motto of "En tus cinco sentidos" remained.


XHGC Canal 5 logo 1994

By September 5, 1994, the logo changes that is similar to the previous one, to which three antennas are added on the outside of the circle, and two sectors connecting the two; although one of the sectors is transferred from one antenna to another.


Xhgc canal 5 logo 1996 by ncontreras207-d7meoux

The logo was a redesign of the one adopted since 1994, in which irregular shapes would be used, only with a ring. And since January 7, 1996, an asterisk that began with eight points has been adapted.

Canal 5


The channel had 2 similar logos that began to be used on September 15, 1997:

XHGC Canal 5 logo 1997

The main one was number "5" located at the center of an asterisk (*) with the Round lines, inside a hoop; in black and white.

XHGC Canal 5 logo 1997 3d

The other that is derived from it, used in the channel's promotionals; It is the same asterisk, but in gray-white 3D that moved in circles of an irregular shape, with the digit "5" in black. And the capsule "Fabulojos 3D".


From 1999, Canal 5 adopts the logo that identified it for 13 years, from which different variants were based on until its discontinuation.


Canal 5

It consists of a black circle against a ring of the same color, with a digit "5" and an asterisk, both in white, surrounded by a circle of the same color.



Later the white ring became thicker as a minor change.

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Logotipo actual del canal 5 (mexico)

In 2007, the logo became red circle, and the asterisk was pink.

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XHGC 2013

On January 7, 2013, the logo consisted of a five in stylized form (similar to that of 1997), accompanied by an asterisk placed on the right side of the number made in an irregular shape.


XHGC Aug2013

In August of 2013, the image was changed to a five formed by a white origami ribbon, accompanied by an asterisk, accompanied by the typographic font "ITC Avant Grade".


Canal 5 XHGC-TV 2014 logo

On January 6, 2014, the logo was introduced consisting simply of a pentagon of colors (with a two-tone variant of the Mexican pink color as the main one), with a large number 5 peeking out from the pentagon.

Canal 5*


On July 14, 2014, the channel adopts a new logo permanently after about 15 years: it is formed by a number 5 formed by a pair of lines and an asterisk in the center curve. It looks like a digit five away.


Canal 5 Mexico logo 2014

At first, it was a black asterisk.


Canal 5 2016

Then introduced a Tridimensional-Yellow silver asterisk.

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