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1978–1986 1986–1990 1990–1994 1994–2000 2000–2008 2008–2011 2011–present

LU 93 TV Canal 6, better known as El Seis, is an Argentine free television channel affiliated with El Trece that transmits from San Carlos de Bariloche, Río Negro. The channel can be seen throughout the city and in surrounding areas.

Began broadcasting as Canal 3 on June 4, 1966, when the channel was broadcasting on cable television (closed circuit). On May 1, 1978, Canal 3 was then currently renamed Canal 6.

It is owned by Bariloche TV S.A. and operated by Grupo Clarín through Artear.

Canal 3

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Canal 6


Canal 6 Bariloche (Logo 1978).png

During the advent of color television, the logo consists of a rounded rectangle with a 6-pointed snowflake and the number 6 on the right. Everything is made up of 6 horizontal stripes of green, blue, purple, red, orange, and yellow.


Canal 6 Bariloche (Logo 1986).png

It is a blue 6 of a different shape with a white border. It has the same snowflake in the center rotating 360 degrees.


Canal 6 Bariloche (Logo 1990).png

Next is a gray number 6 with the flake in the number hole.


Canal 6 Bariloche (Logo 1994).png

The logo is modified with a green 6 and, at the bottom of it, the Argentine sun with 6 rays and the 8-pointed snowflake appear.


Canal 6 Bariloche (Logo 2000).png

The same logo is a blue 6 in a different shape, at the bottom of it the Argentine sun with 5 rays and the 6-pointed snowflake appear.

In 2003, Canal 6 currently belongs to the Artear company (Grupo Clarín).

Canal Seis


Canal Trece (Logo 2004).png

In 2008, like the Buenos Aires version, a new logo is released, a twelve-pointed sun with a central hole in the shape of a circle, with the colors red, orange, yellow, and violet (clockwise); the union of the colors is oblique with respect to the central hole. It is a bit thinner and brighter. Under it said CANAL SEIS.

Canal Seis Bariloche (Logo 2008).png

El Seis


El Trece (Logo 2008).png

In 2011, the logo was restyled by the American company C&G Partners, which created the original isotype of the Tetracolor sun in 1994. The sun becomes a little thicker, with the hole a little smaller and the union of the colors is perpendicular to the hole. Below it says el seis.

Logo with wordmark

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