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1956–1966 1973–1976 1977–1986 1986–1990
1956–1966 1973–1976 1977–1986 1986–1990
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1991–2005 2006–2007 2008–present 2017–present

Canal 6 is the first and oldest television channel of El Salvador. It's owned by Telecorporación Salvadoreña since 1985. The channel was founded on September 7, 1956 by Rubén González, Boris Eserski, Guillermo Pinto and Tono Alfaro as YSEB-TV. The channel lasted ten years under Telecentro, S.A., and it returned as YSLA-TV on April 6, 1973 broadcasting in color and operated by Canal Seis, S.A. de C.V.

YSEB-TV (Canal 6)


Canal 6 SV (1956) 2.jpg

The first logo was an vintage television screen showing branding signal "YSEB-TV" and two channels 6 and 8 inside of it with a Futura font. Canal 8 was moved to Educational Television of El Salvador in 1964, and Canal 6 was signed off two years later.

TV6 El Salvador


YSLA-TV6 (1973).svg

The 1973 logo was a painter man as its slogan "La Magia del Color", and the word TV6 with a Blue letters and a Red number six. Inside of the number, the words "El Salvador" marks the country's first television channel in Color.


YSLA-TV Canal 6 (1977).svg

By 1977, the logo was introduced as a hybrid name as "TV6" and "Canal 6" showing six horizontal color bars: Blue, Red, Purple, Green, Yellow and Gray. Between the halved letters "TV", there was a blue word "Canal" as a "Paragraph Stretch" font as an alternative name of the channel, and the number six had six color as the word TV is surrounded by the rounded blue square.


YSLA-TV (Canal 6 - TCS) 1986.svg

The 1986 logo was a 4:3 vintage television screen as a blue outline, and the number six was inside of the screen.

Canal 6



TCS 6 1991.svg

Since 1991, it has been a pink vertical rounded rectangle logo. The transparent number 6 that appears on the left of the logo until 2008. By the 1991 logo, the wordmark was the "Mixolydian Titling Regular" font as TV SEIS where was below the logo, only the letter "V" was italic. The 1995 logo, the wordmark became CANAL SEIS placed in the upper left corner logo separately, and the wordmarks were gone in 2003 when the slogan "CONÉCTATE" arrived one year earlier.


TCS 6 2002.svg

In 2006, the stroke on the "6" became slightly dense and would also resemble what NBC owned-and-operated station WTVJ in Miami–Fort Lauderdale would currently use several years after this logo was introduced.

TCS 6 2008.svg

The bottom portion of the "6" was slightly altered. It is shown with or without the slogan that became the word "CONÉCTATE" used from the "Futura ND DemiBold Oblique" font. It's still using today with the logo.

TCS 6 2018.svg

By the 2017 logo, the outline color now matches the rest of the logo, introduced on September 21 as an internet logo.

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