Teledifusora Bahiense (Logo 1966) Teledifusora Bahiense Color (Logo 1980) 900px-Canal 7 Bahía Blanca (Logo 1989) Canal 7 Bahía Blanca (Logo 2000) Canal Siete Bahía Blanca (Logo 2003) Canal Trece (Logo 2004) El Trece (Logo 2008)
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LU 81 TV Canal 7 is an open television channel affiliated with El Trece that transmits from Bahía Blanca, in the southwest of the province of Buenos Aires.

It aired in October 1965, although the official opening took place on February 4, 1966.

It is operated by Grupo Clarín through Artear.

Telba (Teledifusora Bahiense)


Teledifusora Bahiense (Logo 1966)

It shows the image of the port of Bahía Blanca in black and white, then the text "TELBA" appears and below it "canal 7".

TBC (Teledifusora Bahiense Color)


Teledifusora Bahiense Color (Logo 1980)

Next are two thick horizontal lines and in the middle a circle opening the lines forming an eye. The acronym TBC (Teledifusora Bahiense Color) is lined with 6 horizontal stripes and underneath is the text "CANAL 7".

Canal 7



900px-Canal 7 Bahía Blanca (Logo 1989)

It is a yellow semicircle composed of 3 pieces and a silver 7 in the center with a horizontal red stripe.


Canal 7 Bahía Blanca (Logo 2000)

The 3 pieces of the semicircle are slightly lighter in size.

Canal Siete (first era)


Canal Siete Bahía Blanca (Logo 2003)

In 2003, Canal 7 currently belongs to the Artear company.

The yellow semicircle becomes a circle with 3 colored parts: the red and orange rings are divided horizontally and a yellow circle appears in the center. Below is the text "CANAL SIETE" in ITC Conduit Hellenic Bold typeface.


Canal Trece (Logo 2004)

In 2008, like the Buenos Aires version, a new logo is released, a twelve-pointed sun with a central hole in the shape of a circle, with the colors red, orange, yellow and violet (clockwise); the union of the colors is oblique with respect to the central hole. It is a bit thinner and brighter. Under it said CANAL SIETE.

Canal Siete Bahía Blanca (Logo 2008)

El Siete


El Trece (Logo 2008)

In 2011, the logo was restyled by the American company C&G Partners, which created the original isotype of the Tetracolor sun in 1994. The sun becomes a little thicker, with the hole a little smaller and the union of the colors is perpendicular to the hole. Below it it says: el siete until 2015.

Canal Siete (second era)


Canal Siete Bahía Blanca (Logo 2015)

Canal Siete Bahía Blanca (Logo 50º aniversario)

50th anniversary logo (2016)

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