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1972-1979 1979-1981 1982-1983 1984-1987
1972-1979 1979-1981 1982-1983 1984-1987
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1987-1989 1990-1991 1992-1998 1998-2004

Canal A was a semi-public TV station in Colombia which offered general programming. It replaced Tele 9 Corazón in 1972, and was replaced by Canal Institucional in 2004.

Inravisión Segunda Cadena 


Inravisión de Colombia (1963).svg

Inravisión Segunda Cadena Color


Inravisión 2 (1979).svg

Due to the rise of color television in Colombia, the color that represented the channel was green.


Inravisión 2 (1982).svg

Inravisión Cadena 2


Inravisión 2 (1984).svg


Inravisión 2 (1987).svg

This logo was usually seen on some IDs when Inravisión published the next programming on their channels.


Inravisión Cadena 2 (1990).svg

Inravisión Canal A

1991 (provisional)

Canal A (Colombia 1991).svg

Before the new programming of the semi-public channels, it was announced that Cadena Dos would take the name of Canal A from January 1, 1992; for that reason, some logos (including this logo) were used.


Canal A-Institucional 1992.png

The logo represented a hand-drawn lion inside a thin triangle, and the text "Canal A" in a geometric typeface below. The logo and was unveilled in december 1991.


Designer:  Duque & Asociados
Visión Digital (RTI Producciones)
Typography:  Eras Demi, Eras Ultra BT (logo)
Launched:  July 31, 1998

On July 31, 1998, almost a month after the launch of the private channels, Channel 11's programmers announced they would join to launch the new image of the "Lion Channel" (Canal A's nickname), created by the agency Duque & Asociados. The logo was unveilled in July 21, 1998, as an expectation campaign. However, during that time, most programmers were either bankrupt or became production companies, so Canal A's programmers were steadily leaving the channel.

By 2003, all programming was made by Audiovisuales; Canal A ceased broadcasting on January 31, 2004, and was replaced by Canal Institucional.

Tele 9 Corazón
Canal A (Colombia)
Canal Institucional