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1994–1995 1995–1997 1997–2003 2003–2012 2012–2018 2018–2021

Televerket Tele-TV


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Telenor CTV Norge


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Canal Digital (first era)


Canal Digital was created by a joint venture between Norwegian telecommunications company Telenor and French Canal+ in 1997 to compete against Viasat. Canal Digital AS also had rights to use Canal+ branding in the Nordic/Scandinavia.

In 2003, Canal+ left the venture and Telenor become the sole owner of the company. In the same year, Canal Digital was combined with its sibling Telenor Avidi resulted in new two companies named Canal Digital Satellitt and Canal Digital Kabel. Canal Digital Satellitt used the orange logo and Canal Digital Kabel used the blue one up until 2012.

Canal Digital Satellitt 


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Canal Digital (second era)


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In October 2018 after Canal Digital Kabel merged into Telenor and became Telenor T-We, Canal Digital Satellitt renamed back to Canal Digital. 

On June 1st 2020 Canal Digital and Viasat merged together to form Allente.

Canal Digital (Satellite)
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