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Canal N 1999 Canal N 2006 Canal N 2017
1999-2006 2006-2017 2017-present

Canal N is a news channel via cable television and the oldest existing so far after the disappearance of Cable Canal de Noticias (CCN).

The channel was founded on July 4, 1999 and is owned by the Grupo Plural TV, owners in turn of América Televisión.


Canal N 1999
The first Channel N logo was the letters "caNal" in Handel Gothic Bold typography in a metallic silver color, where a 3D "N" stood out that rotated on its axis, being the basis of the subsequent logos.



Canal N 2006
Then in 2006 it is modified to its current structure, where the rotating "N" is moved from the word "canal" and sent to the right side of that word and both this word and the "N" are modified in italics and below "canal", a yellow line appears with the first transparent dot.


Canal N 2017
On August 14, 2017, Canal N modifies its logo slightly, eliminating the yellow line under "canal" and making this word the same size as the rotating "N".
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