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1996–1997 1997–2015 2015–present
1996–1997 1997–2015 2015–present

Panda Club



In its first year, the channel was known as Panda Club, using the brand used by the Chinese and Indian Panda Club (熊猫俱乐部) programming blocks started by one of its owners (ABC Cable Networks) and DIC a couple years earlier.

Canal Panda


Canal Panda.svg

After moving to Madrid, the channel, as well as other Multicanal-TPS channels, rebranded.

2011 (15th anniversary)

Décimo quinto aniversário Canal Panda.jpg


Canal Panda (2015, stacked).svg

In 3 July 2015, AMC Networks International presented a global rebrand for Canal Panda developed by Sopa de Sobre. The rebrand became effective in 6 July 2015.

2016 (20th anniversary)

Vigésimo aniversário Canal Panda.jpg
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