1991–1992 (prelaunch) 1992–2004 1999–2004
1991–1992 (prelaunch) 1992–2004 1999–2004

1991–1992 (prelaunch)

Carlton Logo 1991.svg

This logo was used during the 1991 ITV franchise round.


Carlton logo.svg
Designer:  Lambie-Nairn
Typography:  Gill Sans
Launched:  Unknown

Carlton's 1993 launch identity was created by Lambie-Nairn. The oddly placed T is explained by the fact that in the first idents, the name "Carlton" would occasionally be transformed into "London". The idents featured Londoners exclaiming "This is Carlton - Television for London" or "You're watching Carlton, Television for London". This logo was first used in late 1992 in prelaunch adverts.

After almost two years, the idents with the Londoners were replaced by simpler idents with the Carlton logo only. These were produced by Central Television.

Yet another set of idents were launched on 25 November 1996. The idents, created by Lambie-Nairn, featured colourful Carlton logos animated in various imaginative ways. Central adopted a similar set of idents 2 years later. This logo was used as a secondary logo for the rebirth of Carlton (known as Carlton Media Group) by Eric Dacton, only on their website.


Carlton (1999).svg
Designer:  Lambie-Nairn
Typography:  Gill Sans
Launched:  September 6, 1999

In 1999, the ITV network adopted a new look to be used by all franchises. Among other franchises, Carlton chose not to adopt the common ITV identity, instead opting for an identity created for them by Lambie-Nairn.

The new look was launched in September 1999, and was also adopted by ITV Central and ITV West Country, who would abandon their own names and started calling themselves "Carlton".

A star was added to the logo, in contrast to the heart symbol adopted by ITV as a whole. According to Lambie-Nairn, "The idea was to reconcile the two icons - the star of Carlton and the heart of ITV - and to fit them together".

In common with most ITV regions, Carlton lost its on screen identity in 2002 in favour of a single ITV1 brand. However Carlton productions continued to use the Carlton brand.

In 2004, Carlton Communications merged with Granada plc, creating ITV plc. Carlton and London Weekend Television are now operated as a single entity named ITV London but both continue to exist as separate companies legally.

The final sector of Carlton Communications to have the name intact was Carlton Screen Advertising which used it until it was rebranded to Wide Eye Media in 2014.

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