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1972–1979 1979–1992 1992–1997 1997–1999 1999–present

New England Whalers


New England Whalers logo.png

The New England Whalers began play in the World Hockey Association in Boston. They relocated to Hartford in 1975. When that league merged with the National Hockey League in 1979, the team moved to the NHL as the Hartford Whalers. This is because the Boston Bruins did not like the "New England Whalers" name so the league wanted the whalers to drop New England from their name. John Good designed this and the 1979-1992 logo .

Hartford Whalers


Hartford Whalers logo (1979-1992).svg


Hartford Whalers 1992-2997.gif

John Good designed the original logo, but due to the team's poor performance in the early 90's, the team contacted him to edit the logo to make it look more "intimidating" . He refused, and they added grey to the logo and the team's color scheme.

After the 1996-97 season, the team relocated to Greensboro and became the Carolina Hurricanes.

Carolina Hurricanes

1997 (Concept)

Carolina Hurricanes concept logo.gif

The original concept for the team's logo was designed by Ken Loh , and the team was originally called the "Carolina Hurricane".


200px-Carolina Hurricanes svg.png

The logo was designed by Peter Thornburgh .


Carolina Hurricanes.svg

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