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=== 1996–1997 ===
=== 1996–1997 ===
[[File:What A Cartoon!.png|center|250px]]
[[File:What A Cartoon!.png|center|250px]]
=== 1997 ===
[[File:Wac show.png|center|250px]]
[[File:Wac show.png|center|250px]]

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Cartoon Cartoons (often known as Cartoon Cartoon) is a name used by Cartoon Network for its 15 original animated series.

World Premiere Toons


World Premiere Toons.png

The Cartoon Cartoons first appeared as shorts on a program called World Premiere Toons (later known as The What a Cartoon! Show, and The Cartoon Cartoon Show) created by Fred Seibert.

What a Cartoon!


What A Cartoon!.png


Wac show.png

Cartoon Cartoons

1996 (prelaunch/unofficial)

Cartoon Cartoon checkerboard.png


Cartoon Cartoons (1997).png

Cartoon Network introduced the Cartoon Cartoon brand between July (for a friday night programming block) and in November (for the first Cartoon Cartoon Weekend).

The first logo consisted of the letters taken from the 1992-2004 Cartoon Network logo (except the word "Network" is replaced with "Cartoon" again) placed on a green oval and making into a bulge effect.

1998-2003; 2005-2008


Singular variant that doesn't include the S. (used on Cartoon Cartoon Fridays, Cartoon Cartoon Summer, The Cartoon Cartoon Show and Cartoon Cartoon Primetime).

The second logo consisted of the typeface taken from the Powerhouse era bumpers, featuring a script typeface on the first "Cartoon".

The logo first appeared on a promo for the 1998 Cartoon Cartoon Weekend during fall and also appeared on a bumper for The Powerpuff Girls, where the girls are fighting over a red ribbon and later forming the words.

This logo lasted more than five years until the brand being discontinued in June of 2003. On September 12, 2005, the logo was brought back and this time it was only used for The Cartoon Cartoon Show until its last broadcast on June 1, 2008.

The Cartoon Cartoon Show


The Cartoon Cartoon Show.png

Cartoon Cartoon Summer

2000, 2001

Cartoon Cartoon Summer.png

Cartoon Cartoons, The Top 5

2002, 2003

Cartoon Cartoon Top 5.png

Space Ghost Coast to Coast
Cartoon Network original shows
Dexter's Laboratory


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