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1991–1992 (pre-launch) 1992–2004 2004–2010 2010–present
1991–1992 (pre-launch) 1992–2004 2004–2010 2010–present

Cartoon Network (often abbreviated as CN) is an American cable television channel owned by Warner Bros. Discovery through its US networks division.

1991–1992 (pre-launch)

Cartoon Network 1991
Designer:  J.J. Sedelmaier Productions
Typography:  Custom/Hand-drawn
Launched:  Unknown

Before Cartoon Network started broadcasting on October 1, 1992, this logo was used in its marketing to cable operators and advertisers. The middle of the logo could be edited to feature all the characters (1 at a time) from shows that were planned to be aired on the network (mostly Hanna-Barbera characters, but it also included Looney Tunes and Popeye characters through an outside agreement to air their cartoons on the network). It had many color variations including the text, as shown on some parts of the presentation reel. This logo was designed by J.J. Sedelmaier Productions, who also animated earlier episodes of Beavis and Butt-Head, as well as the pilot/first episode of Harvey Birdman, Attorney At Law.


Cartoon Network 1992
Designer:  Hatmaker
Primal Screen
Hatmaker (1992-1997)
Cartoon On-Air (1997-1998)
Primal Screen (1998-2004)
Typography:  Eagle Bold
Launched:  October 1, 1992

On October 1, 1992, Cartoon Network was officially launched and debuted its now-iconic logo, featuring a black and white 7x2 square grid with each letters of the company's name on it set in Eagle Bold. The logo was designed by Hatmaker, a division of Corey McPherson Nash. This logo still appears at the bottom of the Cartoon Network website, and it was also used on merchandising products until 2019 and again since 2022 and as a production logo from December 5, 1993 to January 21, 2019.


Cartoon Network 2004
Designer:  Animal Logic
Primal Screen
Animal Logic (2004-2007)
Awesome Incorporated (2006-2007)
Shilo Designs (2007-2008)
Capacity (2008-2010)
Laundry (2009-2010)
Typography:  Eagle Bold (modified)
Shag Lounge (2006-2007)
Helvetica Rounded Bold Condensed (2007)
Glypha 65 Bold (2007-2008)
YWFT Ultramagnetic (2008-2010)
Base 5 (2010)
Launched:  June 14, 2004

On June 14, 2004, Cartoon Network launched a new on-air look, and a new logo replaced the one that had been used since the network launched nearly 12 years earlier, along with the new slogan of “This is Cartoon Network!”. The new logo's design was made up of two black and white tiles with the network's initials ("CN", borrowed from the previous logo), and the network's full name underneath it, also in the same typeface as the previous logo. The development of the new on-air identity was led in-house in association with Animal Logic in Sydney, Australia. It was used on merchandising products until August 24, 2010 and as a production logo from November 19, 2004 to April 14, 2013.


Cartoon Network 2010
Designer:  Brand New School
Primal Screen
Brand New School (2010-2013)
Awesome Incorporated (2011-2013, 2018-2021)
Impactist (2013-2015)
Bill Richards (2015-2016)
Bent Design Lab (2016-2019)
Bullpen Studio (2021)
Gimmick Studio (2021-2022)
BUCK (2022-present)
Typography:  Gotham Ultra (modified)
CN Bold (modified version of ITC Lubalin Graph Bold) (2010-2013)
Gotham Rounded (2010-2014)
Lubalin Graph Bold (2013-2021)
Avenir Next Rounded (2014-2022)
TT Norms Pro ExtraBlack (2021-2022)
Intervogue Alt (2022-present)
Launched:  April 21, 2010 (preview/reveal)
May 29, 2010

In September 2009, Cartoon Network began working for its third logo and "CHECK it" era. The first prototype for the third logo, using ITC Avant Garde font, and the upcoming era was designed by Qube Konstrukt but it was unused. A second prototype was made in early 2010 where it has similarities to the final version and now uses the Gotham Ultra typeface which became the network's typeface since then, with the Eagle Bold font continued to be used on its logo until May 29, 2010. The third and final version of the logo as well as the "CHECK it" era (possibly a play on the design of the network's former "checkerboard" logo) with the checkerboard theme is used extensively in the new look, created by its in-house design team and Brand New School, was unveiled on the network's 2010 upfront in April 21, 2010 and then officially became the primary logo on May 29, 2010 which replaced the 2004 logo on the said date of May 2010. On television, it was first used in bumpers featuring Chewbacca to promote the third-season finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The new logo was later brought to various European countries in November 2010, then to Asia-Pacific and Philippines in October 2011 and Latin America in January 2012.

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