Cartoon Network Fridays was a Friday night programming block on Cartoon Network from June 11, 1999 until February 25, 2007.

Cartoon Cartoon Fridays


CCF logo 1999

On June 11, 1999 Cartoon Network aired "Cartoon Cartoon Fridays" (also "CCF") in which Cartoon Network aired all of their original "Cartoon Cartoons". From Summer 2000, each Friday night, the block was hosted by Cartoon Cartoon stars. Its logo featured a Cartoon Cartoon Logo, the Fridays logo and a blue oblong behind it.

1999–2005 (Latin America)


This Logo Features a Letter "C" instead of an "F", and has the Cartoon Network Logo instead of "Fridays"

Summer 2003


From May 23, 2003 to August 29, 2003, Cartoon Cartoon Fridays was replaced temporarily just in time for the Summer season. This logo includes all the Cartoon Cartoon characters at the center while the Summer Fridays text are at the top and bottom.

Cartoon Network Fridays

Fall 2003

CN Fridays logo 2003

On September 5, 2003, Fridays returned but without the Cartoon Cartoons logo and aside from that, it was the last era before it was rebooted into a live-action block. The final use of the logo was on September 26, 2003 where a promo for the new Fridays was aired days later.


Fridays Logo

On October 3, 2003, Fridays has a logo makeover and it has a new opening credits and a new theme song called "It's Friday Night". Instead of Cartoon Cartoons, It was hosted by Tommy Snider and Nzinga Blake. This logo replaced its font and the color was changed a little bit. In early 2005, Nzinga left Fridays and was replaced by Tara Sands who joined Tommy in hosting duties. This logo was used until February 25, 2007 sswhere it aired its final show before it's replacement: Friday Night Premiere Thunder.

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