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Cartoon Network 1992
Designer:  Hatmaker
Typography:  Eagle Bold
Launched:  Unknown

From 1994 to 1997, Cartoon Network Studios was a label for CN original content produced by Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Inc. The branding was scrapped in 1997 and reverted back to Hanna-Barbera branding until the studio shuttered in 2001.

Cartoon Network Studios originally used the 1992–2004 Cartoon Network logo by itself for its original shows, which was mostly seen during early episodes of The Moxy Show, Space Ghost Coast to Coast, and What a Cartoon!.


Cartoon Network Studios 1996
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Eagle Bold
Launched:  1996

An alternative short-lived version of the logo with the word "Studios" in Checkboard style was briefly used in later episodes of the 1st season of Dexter's Laboratory.


Cartoon Network Studios 1994
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Eagle Bold
Futura Bold
Launched:  1995
January 21, 1996 (on-screen)

In 1995, the logo was given a highlighted outline and the word "Studios" was added above. This version was used in some What a Cartoon! shorts from 1996 and 1997.

2000–2001, 2006[]


Cartoon Network Stu 2000
Designer:  Genndy Tartakovsky
Typography:  Eagle Bold
Launched:  2000

In 2000, Cartoon Network Studios unveiled a new logo which was designed by Genndy Tartakovsky as a graphic of the company's headquarters with the name below, but this time the word "Studios" moved to the right side of the Checkboard logo and is enclosed in a black rectangle. This logo was the first official CN Studios as its own entity producing in-house content for the network.

It was only used on a pilot episode of Codename: Kids Next Door and some other pilot shorts in 2001.


CN Studios 2006
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Impact
Launched:  June 3, 2006

A similar logo was used on June 3, 2006 for the Adult Swim pilot-short Korgoth of Barbaria, with the particular difference that the 2000–2001 logo was replaced with a simple wordmark written in the Impact font.



Cartoon Network Studios 2001 2
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Eagle Bold
Stomper Regular (modified)
Launched:  June 8, 2001

On June 8, 2001, the word "Studios" was placed above again and the entire logo was given a hand drawn-like appearance, being the main design that the company would use in the next eleven years. The "clapperboard" logo concept was also introduced on the said date, being the concept used by the company in the next twenty-one years. The logo would normally open like a clapperboard showing a sketchy animation of characters from the belonging show with a red background behind (although color of the background varied in some occasions).

This version debuted in Time Squad and it was used until 2007, after The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy aired its sixth and last season. It was later reused, for the TV special The Powerpuff Girls Rule!!!, produced in 2008 and released in 2009.


Cartoon Network Studios 2001 (variant)
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Eagle Bold
Stomper Regular (modified)
Launched:  August 17, 2001

A slightly modified version of the 2001 logo debuted in the failed pilot A Kitty Bobo Show, and it was used alongside the later ones until March 31, 2012, following "The Ultimate Enemy: Part 2", the series finale of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien. This makes it the most recognized and longest-lived logo used by the company.

2003–2005; 2007–2008; 2010; 2014[]

Cartoon Network Studios 2003
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Eagle Bold
Launched:  November 7, 2003

This alternative variant of the previous logo with a different font in the "Studios" wordmark, first appeared in Star Wars: Clone Wars and it was used only used in Ben 10 season 3-4 and Generator Rex season 1. This version of the 2001 logo made a small cameo on a title card of Clarence episode "Pilot Expansion" on November 13, 2014.


Cartoon Network Studios 2013
Designer:  Brand New School
Typography:  Gotham Ultra (modified)
Eagle Bold
Launched:  May 21, 2013

On May 21, 2013, the clapperboard logo was brought back one year and two months after it was last used on a finale episode of Ben 10: Ultimate Alien in March 31, 2012, but the CHECK it style is now used in the new logo to fit with the 2013 "CHECK it 3.0" rebrand, using the 2010 version of the Cartoon Network checkerboard logo as a replacement of the 1992 logo. It has the same function as the 2001 logo, but instead of using an animatic of the characters it uses scene fragments like the 2010 logo for Regular Show, Adventure Time and 2014 episodes of Ben 10: Omniverse in seasons 5-8 (starting with "Something Zombozo This Way Comes") used the same clip from early seasons.

Although this isn't always the case, since some modern shows like Steven Universe, Steven Universe Future, Over the Garden Wall, and We Bare Bears uses an animatic like the 2001 logo; while shows like OK K.O.! Let's Be Heroes uses a full made original animation and shows like Clarence and The Powerpuff Girls reboot use live-action.

This logo debuted in Clarence 2014 pilot that was first released online on 2013, replacing the 2010 logo in most shows, and it has been used by the company since then. It is concurrently used with the 2021 logo since December 14, 2021.


Cartoon Network Studios logo
Designer:  Brand New School
Typography:  Proxima Nova
Proxima Nova Extrabold
Launched:  September 6, 2010

On September 6, 2010, the logo had a major and drastic redesign to fit with the 2010 "CHECK it 1.0" rebrand. The classic 1992 logo was replaced with three white squares ordered in the form of stairs with a fourth square placed next to it and the full name of the company underneath it. Normally the fourth square would pop a fragment of a scene from the belonging show, while other shows, including 2012-2013 episodes in seasons 1-4 of Ben 10: Omniverse (until the episode "Max's Monster") it would just stay blank. In the live-action shows, the square wasn't included at all.

This logo debuted in the first season of Regular Show and it was used until November 27, 2015, with its last appearance being the Over the Garden Wall pilot "Tome of the Unknown" which released on Cartoon Network's website on May 19, 2015 and uploaded on YouTube channel of the network on the said date of November 2015.


Cartoon Network Studios (2022)
Designer:  Unknown
Typography:  Eagle Black
Launched:  December 14, 2021 (social media)
January 1, 2022 (on-screen)

This logo was first spotted on a post on Cartoon Network's Instagram account.[1] It officially made its debut on the pilot of We Baby Bears. This logo was unveiled to fit with the 2021 "Redraw Your World" rebrand. It is concurrently used with the 2013 logo since December 14, 2021.


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