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Chevy logo 1911.png
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In 1914, the Chevrolet motor company was introduced. This is one of the two logos that aren’t bowties.


Chevrolet firstbowtie 1913.png
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1914 was the year Chevrolet started the bowtie trend. Unlike their current logo, this one has a light blue bowtie with a gold outline, and the text is inside the bowtie and also has a gold outline. Additionally, there are two white lines above and below the text as well, again, as you probably could’ve guessed, with gold outlines.


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This logo in particular looks like a print version, with a more modern font.


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This logo looks very similar to the 1914 logo, but it has been made 2D, and the text is in a very similar typeface to the previous logo from 1934.


Chevrolet 1943 logo.png
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This logo goes back to a serif font, they’ve made the letter V bigger, and completely removed the bowtie. This is also the only other logo that isn’t a bowtie.


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This logo consists of the bowtie once again, with italicized text reading “CHEVROLET” with a normal-sized V, and the two white lines have been removed, all inside a red oval.


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This logo is quite similar to the previous one, but there’s an outline of the logo with text in more modern type.


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This logo has been made blue, with a black-blue gradient as the background. The text has been unitalicized, a white outline has been added, and the text has been made lowercase besides the C. If you look closely, you can see that some of the letters are uneven.



This logo now has a blue outline of the bowtie with rounded corners, and red text in similar type to the current logo. This is the first time the text is outside the bowtie, which is how it would be from then on.


Genuine Chevrolet.png
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This logo features a chrome bowtie with a chrome outline, and the text now reads “Genuine Chevrolet”. This was primarily used in advertising.


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This logo is a red, 3D-looking bowtie outline, and the text is nowhere to be seen. This logo was used for a full year, which probably explains why some people were unfamiliar with it.


Chevrolet wordmark.svg


Chevrolet (2002).svg

This is the first logo with a gold bowtie, how it would be starting then. It also has a matte finish, besides the outlines (both gold and chrome). which are shiny.



Chevrolet logo-2.png

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The badge first appeared on the Beat, Groove and Trax concept cars that were displayed at the 2007 New York International Auto Show. In the U.S., the new logo started to be featured on the vehicles themselves from the 2009 model year. It is still used on some dealers and badges.



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