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1955–1962 1962–1965 1965–1976 1976–2002 2000–present

First National City Bank

The First National City Bank of New York was created in 1955 by the merger of The National City Bank of New York and the First National Bank of New York.


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In 1976, First National City Bank officially started calling itself Citibank, a name to which it had been referred to for a long time.[1] A new identity and logos for both Citibank and Citicorp were created and designed by Dan Friedman from Anspach Grossman Portugal of New York. This logo was used worldwide until 2002 (along with the 2000 Citigroup 'Travelers umbrella' logo).


Designer:  Pentagram
Typography:  Interstate

In 2000, Citibank changed its logo to match with the current Citigroup logo. The "Live richly." campaign in the United States was introduced with this logo in 2001. This logo was based on the 2000 Citigroup logo, which formed after Citicorp merged with Travelers Inc. in 1998. This logo was designed by Paula Scher from Pentagram, who created the logo for Citibank originally on a napkin within 10 minutes. Her partners were weary that their client (Citibank) would not pay for something created so quickly. They sell their design process. Scher replied that she was selling ten minutes of her entire life's experience.[2] This logo is currently used worldwide since 2001 (along with the 1999 Citigroup 'Travelers umbrella' logo and then the 1999 Citigroup 'Citi' logo).