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2005–2008 2008–present

Clan is a children's TV channel from the Spanish public service broadcaster TVE. Until 1 January 2007 it had time-shared with TVE 50 Años which has since closed. The service now broadcasts 24 hours a day. The channel is available free on digital terrestrial television (known as TDT in Spain) and on major subscription platforms. Although the channel primarily screens programming for children aged 12 and under, youth programming is shown during the evening and night (for example Dawson Crece, or Dawson's Creek). A mixture of Spanish and foreign programming is shown, all in the Spanish language. Both live-action and animation programming is featured on the channel. It is also available in English. Musical programs such as Operacion Triunfo, the Eurovision Song Contest and Junior Eurovision Song Contest are also broadcast in this channel during the prime-time.


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