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1903–1964 1964–1973 1973–1980 1980–1987 1987–1998
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Rosario Central 1973

The iconic "C" with the laurels was added in 1973, along with two stars above the shield in reference to the titles obtained in 1971 and 1973.


Rosario Central 1980

A third star was added to represent the title won in the Campeonato Nacional 1980.


Rosario Central 1987

The fourth star was added to represent the title won in the Campeonato Nacional 1986/87.

1998–2003, 2007–2018

In 1998, the shield adds its fifth star in relation to the first international title won in the Copa Conmebol, 1995. And since then it became the most recognized shield used by the team. The shield was replaced in 2003, but it was brought back later in 2007 for 11 more years, until it was changed once again in 2018.


Rosario Central 2003

In 2003, after the AFA considers as official the Campeonato Argentino 1974, the "C" was removed leaving only the shield and placing the 5 national tournaments below it as blue stars; and the international title above in the middle as a yellow and larger star. The font of the initials was also changed.



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The classic shield was brought back in 2007, with the only difference that the inside of the "C" was colored white instead of yellow. This change only lasted for an extremely short period of time, until it was reverted to the original color scheme.



CA Rosario Central

In 2018, the shield had several modifications. The color scheme was slightly changed, the shield inside of "C" was replaced with the original from 1903 (removing the dots between the initials) and the stars became a little smaller.


Rosario Central 2019
A sixth star was added in 2019, to represent the title won by Rosario Central in the Copa Argentina 2017-18.

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