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Commuter Express



In 2001, Barton Buses announced a new direct route even faster than Rainbow 4, Commuter Express. This was launched three months later after Rainbow 4's relaunch. However, it terminated in Sandiacre.

Commuter Xprss


Commuter xprss 2005

When Rainbow 4 got an upgrade with the merge of Trent and Barton Buses, Commuter Express had got relaunched and renamed at the same time. The buses also had a colour change, with a darker shade of blue. Also, the letter, 'E', has got removed from the word, just leaving Xprss. 

Club Class


Club Class logo

Club Class and I4 were the first buses to have the new livery in 2012. Commuter Xprss and Rainbow 4 got new names and Club Class had a colour change, which is grey and silver. After fourteen years of running, Club Class got withdrawn after customers switched to I4 after the July 2015 changes.

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